Volkswagen I.D. Hatch Spotted Testing

DEC 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 42

It looks like a proper hatchback, but it’s only for Europe.

Here is what appears to be the prototype of the Volkswagen I.D. The photos of the camouflaged prototype in South Africa were shared by Theo Calitz.

Since production should start in a year or so from now, it’s reasonable to assume the automaker is testing the I.D. in various places. VW might be using this opportunity for some sort of videos for further teasers.

Sadly, the Volkswagen I.D. hatchback is not going to be sold in the U.S.

Expected Volkswagen I.D. spec:

  • about 48 kWh battery (base)
  • some 330 km (205 miles) of WLTP range (base)
  • some 450 km (280 miles) of WLTP range (higher version)
  • up to 600 km (373 miles) of WLTP range (top version)
  • 7.2 kW or 11 kW on-board chargers
  • 125 kW DC fast charging capability

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If it has same or larger trunk space as the Golf, this will sell like crazy in the EU, I think.

Definitely! All the “there is no demand” cry babies are going to shut up. 2019 will be a good year for EVs, 2020 will be fantastic, VW included!

Yes I agree

This may be flying off the lots in norway

Some Americans love to hate VW, Tesla fan sites love to complain about everything VW. Now they’re sorry this car is not going to be sold in American, they should be happy :p.

They announced in 2017 that they will release their ID in 2020. Now its the end of 2018 and they still haven’t released the ID. What the hell!
Volkswagen? MOrE LiKe VApoRwArE Am I RIte?

I hate companies that announce stuff! Just bring it, or be quiet about it.
BTW the base Model 3/Roadster/Model Y/Tesla pickup/Tesla semi truck will totally crush it!

That post is almost bipolar. LOL

You just said you hate Tesla and you love Tesla in the same post. LOL! It’s bi-polar fan boy day I guess.

I guess I forgot the /s again…

Apparently a large portion of IEVs’ readers need the /s to understand your post. I found it amusing.

They will

Actually they announced the 2020 release date in 2016 when they revealed the ID, like on the very same day.

Not vaporware anymore. Testing and production testing for tooling the plant

It never was vapoware. Some people think cars just pop into existence without them working on it for years in secret.

It was vaporware with no pre production models being tested and VW lack of EVs besides the EGolf. Hyundai-Kia is #1 to me in EVs-Phev models

I’m not sure everyone caught the sarcasm. Which is of course part of the point

They should reveal it in a few months so europeans can pre order it soon

“Some Americans love to hate VW”, yes, your are absolutely right. Still weird reading that from you, as one of the major Tesla haters.

As a BEV fan I am sad oh so sad 🙁 🙁
Plus what I really want VW to bring here is their next gen eUP…
I would settle for the Honda Urban or a eFit…
Sad oh so sad 🙁 🙁

It will be ridiculously overpriced, believe me. I live in the homeland of a “cheap” VW brand – Škoda, and last time I was on the market for a new car (2 yars ago), well equipped 1.6 Toyota Corolla (automatic transmission, LED lights, cruise control, emergency braking, LDW, back camera, front and rear parking sensors, 2 zone climate control, etc) was ~8000 (eight thousands!) € cheaper that Škoda Octavia with a sumilar trim level and 1 liter turbo engine. And Golf was even more expensive! So, yes, they will produce and sell this car, but don’t expect a “game changer”.

There won’t be any changing of the game until battery prices fall, or battery power density goes way up. Until then, BEVs will continue to be over priced compared to the ICE equivalent.

As to why the Toyota is so much cheaper in the Czech Republic compared to the VW products, I don’t know, but I will say beware the Japanese. In the 1970s and ’80s here in the US the Japanese came here and dumped their products at a loss just to take over market share from US companies. It wasn’t legal, but they got away with it anyhow.

Today in the US, VW and Toyota are priced quite competitively. No huge price difference.

Yes, but VW advertising this car as a geme changer, “as good as Tesla for half of thr price”, etc. But it wont be “as good” (knowing VW, they will try to save on every component, for example well known here in Europe stories about faulty chain tensioners, too thin timing chains, faulty DSG, etc.) and it will not be “for half of the price” or will be, but not that Tesla model everyone reasonably comparing it too. By my expirience, every time when WV had a chance to rip off “average John” of money, they used it. In Europe. In US it seems to be different.

I would love to buy a BEV Toyota that is even cheaper…
Please tell me where??

Damn it’s not vaporware anymore

The angle of the windshield and the rounded roof should be very good for the aerodynamics. Contrary to the front of the car which seems too vertical (eventhough I visually prefer this and it should also be better in case of collision with a pedestrian). Anyway I like the figure.

Also, great news the 125 kW DC.

In the EU cars have to pass pedestrian crash tests…
In the US they are allowed to make autos with no regards to pedestrian and bicyclists lives which is why their is a gluttony of SUV and Trucks that are 2 to 3 times more likely to kill pedestrians in the event of a collision…

This is great, it confirms it’s coming to SA and VW is big in SA… I can’t wait.👊🏿

How does this confirm that? They are probably in South Africa for summer/heat testing (hard to do in Germany right now). Right now the ID is only announced for the European market.

I really hope they don’t make that mistake and restrict it to EU.

If there is a demand, they should supply it globally. . But I’m sure they have matched production volume with where they plan to sell best.
I think a global supply would be best, to get as many EVs on the market as possible.
The share number of EV models will probably take care of the volume they need/want.

I hope the looks of the front stay the same as the concept. I’m typically not a VW fan, but I did think the styling looked good on the ID concepts.

Great news, looks very close to the concept.
If they build them by the hundreds of thousands and price them decently then they will have a very big impact on the low-mid range market and along with Tesla’s Model 3 and upcoming Model Y (plus pickup in NA) will blow the EV market wide open and really start to impact LICE sales across a broad section of the auto-buying world.

If the price is competetive enough, we might have a new round of old ICE cars being replaced with an EV, like Renault Zöe did in Norway.
Due to the fair price, very low running costs, with cheap maintenance costs – people who owned used older ICE models, that needed parts and repaired. . They had an option to get a new vehicle and get about the same monthly cost, they had with their old car.

I find the front here more vertical than the one on the concept. I don’t think the front lights will be the same. Probably more classic in the production model.

Yeah – darn, it happens every time; the dumbing down of concept as a production vehicle. You can see the basic massing of the car even though its heavily camouflaged. The front looks snub nosed similar to those Scion/Toyota micro cars and the back half looks like a Nissan Leaf. Ugh – I hope the production car is a little closer to the concept when all is said and done. Pretty disappointed – I am not going to lie.

Looks nice, however if all goes well I’ll be buying an EV before this comes to market.

Look VW, I badly want one of these. What body part do you want, let’s get it over with now.

Wait, doesn’t VW stand for VapourWare? Will they have to change the name now?

Buah, why so many downvotes? I was kidding.

You can see Robert Kryton Levelyn in gray shirt at the last photo 😉

Looks nice