USPS Tests Ford E-450 Based Electric Step Vans From Motiv

FEB 15 2019 BY MARK KANE 33

USPS could purchase thousands of EVs, but will they?

The United States Postal Service (USPS) starts a new pilot EV project in which it will test seven all-electric step vans, supplied by Motiv Power Systems. The first one was already delivered and now serves routes in Fresno.

Motiv Power Systems builds its EVs using the Ford E-450 as a base and EPIC Chassis with 106 or 127 kWh battery packs for about 90 miles of range.

According to the press release, USPS will verify the vans capabilities, as well as fuel and maintenance savings over one year of the project. We guess that positive results could trigger some orders, but USPS seems reluctant so far, as various tests were already performed for several years.

“The pilot program of seven Motiv-powered vans is slated for deployment in California’s Central Valley. The first vehicle now serves routes in Fresno with the balance of the vehicles to be deployed in Fresno and Stockton as part of a year-long program. Most of the immediate project benefits will accrue in the San Joaquin Valley, an economically disadvantaged area with some of the highest pollution burdens in the country, as evidenced by CalEnviroScreen scores within the worst five percent in the state.

The USPS has a long history of testing electric vehicles for city delivery. In fact, the first known test of an electric vehicle for mail collection was in Buffalo, New York on July 2, 1899. Since 2001, the USPS has operated 30 electric two-ton vehicles on the streets of New York City, and these were later joined by a pair of two-ton hybrid electric vehicles in Long Island.

“We’re proud to now be a part of USPS’ long tradition of implementing the latest technology to green their fleet,” said Motiv CEO Jim Castelaz. “Our all-electric EPIC chassis have accumulated 500,000 real-world miles and are ideally suited to the USPS vehicle route characteristics. We’re thrilled that USPS has chosen Motiv to help meet their sustainability goals.”

The USPS’ acquisition of the Motiv chassis-powered vans was developed as a partnership by CALSTART and the San Joaquin Clean Transportation Center and funded through a California Air Resources Board (CARB) award to the San Joaquin Air Quality Control. It represents a historic project. The funds are meant to provide an incentive to Californian fleets to adopt the cleanest emerging technologies and continue to advance California’s Air Quality and Climate goals.

The USPS’ acquisition of the vans was made possible by the California Climate Investments, a statewide program that puts billions of cap-and-trade dollars to work reducing greenhouse gas emissions, strengthening the economy and improving public health and the environment, particularly in disadvantaged communities.

The cap-and-trade program also creates a financial incentive for industries to invest in clean technologies and develop innovative ways to reduce pollution. California Climate Investment projects include affordable housing, renewable energy, public transportation, zero-emission vehicles, environmental restoration, more sustainable agriculture, recycling and much more. At least 35 percent of these investments are made in disadvantaged and low-income communities. More information on this program can be found at  California Climate Investments.

All parties involved in building, funding, and deploying this first wave of Motiv-powered USPS vans are excited about working together to bring this initial order to fruition.”

Source: Motiv Power Systems, Green Car Congress

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I’m surprised it has taken this long. A postal route is almost ideal for an EV. Depot charging, fixed route, predictable load.

It’s hard to help yourself when you’re broke.

Don’t forget regen braking and overall slow speeds and lots of idling while filling the mailboxes.

Also I would imagine when the Postal workers are filling the mailboxes leaning out the big open window they breathe in a lot of exhaust when downwind of the ICE’s tailpipe- If the postal workers made a petition they want the EV’s for the argument of their health the Post Office might go that way even if the overall costs were a little more than ICE- fortunately it’s likely cheaper to go EV in the long run.

Great aerodynamics for extended range.

No aerodynamics needed. It mostly drives at sub 30 MPH on short routes. Get a clue.

Indeed, even on a bycicle you don’t notice air resistance and wind.

Yeah, that’s why drafting is a major tactic in bike tours. The peloton does not exists because everyone is just being friendly.

“your Postal rates will necessarily skyrocket…”

Steven, can you please ban this carpet-bombing clown so he can go back to Breitbart or Hitler Youth or wherever he belongs?

MOMMY !!!!

Bill, do you think his comment was in good faith and accurate. We would like to know.

OH yes, by comparison, it was one of the most thoughful comments here. I mean, my comment. His ? He has no problem making silly insulting, uneducated comments..

But when someone throws a single snowball at him he gets all upset. And this wasn’t even toward him.

You see – all the supposed liberals here (more monkey see- monkey do- from these eyes) are only interested in FREE SPEECH if it agrees with them! And the sourpusses have absolutely no sense of humor about anything. Mad all the time about one silly thing or another, never smiling, and never can see humor in anything.

So I assume the royal “WE” means you have recently been knighted? Let people speak for themselves.

Bill, are you bored and just looking to give us opportunities to pound on your ignorant ass?

Actually, he has a valid point.
Both far right and left love to shut down those that do not agree with them.
Political COrrectness is just more of that.

Thanks WB

Maybe a bit bored of you guys, but you’ll notice how my comments almost always have some factual basis to them whereas yours are very, very low IQ. My comments are detailed besides being factual.

Sluggo – not necessarily – he ain’t el presidente no more.

If rates jumped 20 percent, 60 cents to send an envelope across the US would still be a bargain. I would have no problem with that. I wish they would raise the rates for junk mail.

Oh from these eyes I wouldn’t think there’d be any change in postal rates due to buying electric trucks as its a pretty natural fit – as long as the USPS didn’t go overboard at the home charging stations. From what I’ve seen they seem to be fairly frugal – window air conditioning units at most branches, – small, efficiently laid out staging rooms, public lobbies, and truck docks.

Since the trucks typically don’t go far in any given day – and they might also test some phev type trucks for the longer routes, I applaud them at least testing a few of these to see how they work out. But they’ll also get use out of the much smaller Grumman LLV sized vehicle they use now. That would have even a smaller charging requirement generally speaking.

The gag here was a play on Discontinuance of Coal – and ‘Bama stating that “your rates will necessarily skyrocket”. As I mentioned before, he is no longer in charge.

Oddly, nearly all of the junk mail comes from China. Because CHina is being treated as a developing nation (which they are not), they get cheap cheap prices on mail.
Thankfully, Trump is addressing this. We will see what comes from it.

why would they go up with an EV? Fuel and Maintenance are a fraction of the cost of ICE.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

lol, Ford can’t make an EV but someone can buy one of their products and turn it into one…….LMAO

Dont the van designers ever heard of an advantage aerodynamic,streamlined design allows for mpg,range?
FedEx can do it,why not everyone

They care less about that than available space. They spend their life stopping and going, where aero means less. Curves and whatnot lose a lot of space.

How does this pilot fit in with the huge USPS Next Generation Delivery Vehicle project?
I’d appreciate it if InsideEVs would report on the status of the latter. AFAIR, the winning design was supposed to be announced by end 2018, among the several competition entrants. While not all designs were EVs, half were IIRC; at 180K+ trucks to replace virtually the entire USPS delivery fleet, and a contract estimated at ~$6B+, if the winner ends up being an EV, this would clearly clearly the largest commercial EV fleet ever, in the US if not the world, and certainly newsworthy.

Exactly – this is far too large a vehicle from the ones commonly used that are due to being replaced.

Perfect size for all those Amazon boxes

Fvck YEAH! It is about time the USPS went full EV for delivery vehicles!

AP – Great food-for-thought article. Unknown as to the Trump reaction here – but if foreign companies promise manufacture in the USA there won’t be a problem.

There was a comment in the article that EVs under the current administration may not be favored – but to me that is throwing in the towel too early.

US made electricity is certainly a contributor to the GNP, and overnight charging of a large number of vehicles would make the ‘grid’ more efficient – possibly leading to somewhat lower electricity rates. And from a Dollars and cents perspective – it may just simply be CHEAPER to have mainly electric vehicles performing their daily chores and silently recharging over the midnight hour. So with somewhat reduced maintenance, the overall lifecycle cost (even with a somewhat higher purchase cost,), may make it an easy decision if only from a green-eye-shade-accountant view.

Ford has an interesting program for partnering with startups to build electric trucks. A company can qualify to be an “eQVM” Qualified Vehicle Manufacturer, allowed by Ford to upfit their trucks to be electric after which Ford will still honor the warranty. There are three companies doing this: Motiv, Lightning, and XL Hybrids.

I think FedEx has some of the Lightning vans. And if you want an PHEV Ford pickup truck (several models to pick from), you can get one from XL Hybrids.

who is really missing out on this are the utilities. They really should cut deals with Tesla, Rivian, etc to make small chassis vans, delivery trucks, etc, and then provide them FREE to USPO, Fed-Ex, Amazon, etc, but charge them say .15/KWH.

Utilities nationwide are forced by gov’ts generally speaking to provide “system Benefits” that all other ratepayers are forced to pay for – such as conversion to energy efficient motors, rebates for more efficient HVAC systems, lighting improvements, etc.

If they got into the car business people would probably start insisting on CANCELLATION OF DEMAND CHARGES for all the fast chargers being installed, with the result that other ratepayers’ bills would just go up to pay for the added expenses.

Even though I currently only drive EV’s, I’d never want a Bonanza like that Bestowed on me, since its unfair to others.