Tesla Model S & X Sales Hit 7,350 In U.S. In December 2018


For an-end-of-the-quarter-month, these results are high, as expected.

It’s the end of the quarter time, which means the Tesla push was in full force and the result is sales of the Model S and X at well over 7,300 combined in the U.S.

Checking in with a combined sales total of 7,350 units, both the Tesla Model S and Model X impress us with U.S. sales volume for December.

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The model-by-model breakdown for the month of December is as follows:

It’s not often that combined sales of these two Teslas check in such a high volume. As witnessed in our monthly sales report, Model X sales set a new all-time record in December 2018. The previous high was 3,975 in September 2018. The Model S has seen much stronger months this year and in years past.

Looking Back

For November, we estimated the following for sales of these two Teslas:

  • Tesla Model S – 2,750 units in November
  • Tesla Model X  – 3,200 units in November

So, as you can clearly see, December marks a massive combined improvement.

For more on Tesla’s Q4 push, see our Q4 production and deliveries post here.

**Tesla Model 3 sales to follow later today

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Interestingly it appears that Tesla sold 1552 model S and 652 model X model in the Netherlands in December. Only to be topped by Jaguar who sold over 2600 I-paces in December alone. That makes the I-pace and the model S the two best selling cars, including ICE cars…

Where did you get those numbers ?


it is in Dutch though… the numbers are based on the RDW / dutch registration authority.



(it is in Dutch, but the numbers are self explaining I guess. The source is the dutch vehicle registration authority)

Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X combined global deliveries total in 2018 was more than 99,000.

What will be the outlook for 2019?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

9000 if they’re lucky if the Fed rebates are not renewed.

Nice end of year push for Tesla.

So the top five in US will likely be:

Model 3
Prius Prime
Model X
Model S

The winner is obvious. The clear dissappointments based on missed potential are Leaf and Bolt.

I went back to the beginning of the year to check predictions on a InsideEVs thread.

We all had Bolt and Leaf in the top 5. Several had counted the Prius prime out. Model S and X were in most top 5s but in all different orders. Everyone picked Model 3 as number 1 – duh!

The only reason Tesla stock is down today is because of the overall market. Tesla sold a little about 1,000 less Tesla’s. Big deal demand hasn’t slowed and sales haven’t even started in Europe.
Remember all these market analysts thought the tax plan was great and it was going to pay for itself. It gave a sugar high to stocks corporations bought back stocks, CEO’s got bonuses and budget deficit is 300 billion for first two months of fiscal year 2019.
Tesla not only sells EV’s they sell storage and Tesla is growing fast. 40% last year and 30-40% for at least the next five years.

could be fear of tax credit decrease and the price cut they are offering.

“The only reason Tesla stock is down today is because of the overall market.”
You should actually check before saying that. NASDAQ is down 0.41%. Tesla (which trades on the NASDAQ) is down 8.32%.

Overall market is down ~1%, plus or minus half a percent. Tesla is down 8.5%, plus or minus a full percent. Can’t blame the entire drop, or even close to the majority of it, on the overall market.

Model X continues to outsells Model S. The shift to Crossover trend continues.

Did Model S just recorded a YOY sales drop?

Nice to see these high # once again, but these are not the usual year end highs.
Gradually Tesla increased the options and price of Model S/X.
S has AWD standard.