Tesla Model S P100D Versus Chevy Camaro ZL1 – Race Video

JAN 27 2018 BY MARK KANE 40

DragTimes found another contender for a drag race with the Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous – the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1.

Muscle vs Electric – Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous vs Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 (DragTimes)

The Muscle versus Electric duel consists of four races – two from a standstill and two from a rolling start.

The 6.2L Supercharged V8, despite its 650 hp and 650 ft-lbs of torque, didn’t stand a chance against the mighty Tesla in a drag race.

But starting at speed, the electric surge is too weak and the Camaro ZL1 quickly catches the Tesla and leaves it behind as speed increases.

Important note: Tesla had a passenger on-board, while the Camaro ZL1 doesn’t.

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“Important note: Tesla had a passenger on-board, while the Camaro ZL1 doesn’t.”

Why have a passenger in the Tesla?

The driver in the Camaro is inexperienced at launches. The bog on the starts is glaring.

The Camaro is using launch control so it isn’t due to an inexperienced driver. It’s due to the fact that all the power is available immediately on an electric car. It’s so incredibly quick off the line.

Enough with the straight lines already!!! Don’t Tesla drivers know how to go around corners?

Tesla drivers know how to cut corners, and by doing so, they avoid having to “go around them”.
Smog Check and Oil and Lube and Gas stations, are the cut corners that a Tesla never need visit again.





And yet it was listed as a possible “Dream car” option…

Let’s out the Camaro against the Tesla on a track and see how both do.

The 24hr at Daytona or lemans is coming up,I put my money on camaro and cts-v,may tes could have a generator in the trunk.

That “V8 sound” is amazing. NOT.

But, I actually thought the driver was showing great shifting skill.

Track ???? more like Sour Grapes !….. lmao……

Well no sh!t sherlock…

Model S: 920 lb-ft of torque at the wheels (dyno by road and track)
ZL1: 570 lb-ft of torque at the wheels (dyno by road and track)

Model S: AWD

Model S P100D: $134K+
ZL1: $62K+

These comparisons are beginning to get a bit redisculous.

How about a ZL1 vs a Honda Civic SI – that’s about as close a comparison as this ariticle.

Yep, we get it. The Model S is in super car territory.

Still fun to watch. 🙂

Bottom Line, No Contest!


Handling is actually the ZL1’s strong suit. The Tesla wouldn’t have a chance on a road course.

Camaro Handles like a Lumber Wagon…lmao

Either lumber wagons handle really well or you’re totally ignorant about what a Camaro ZL1 is and can do. I’m guessing the latter. Don’t let facts get in the way of your opinions no matter how uneducated they may be.

He is typically ignorant.

Sure he’s Ignorant ! lmao

Research the lap time around the Nordschleife at Nurburgring. The ZL1 is in the low 7 minute range. A stock Model S would be lucky to run it in the mid 8’s.

You gonna get spanked, especially with a manual. Superior technology, hardly a surprise.

With a manual, one can drive the car harder. But the video shows Camaro driver idling the engine much of the time. Even when moving, he’s not using full power of the engine as you can tell from slow RPM build up.

I wish there’s a video of someone who actually wish to beat Tesla and goes full out instead of being so afraid to damage their car. Of course, they will most likely damage the car, so they’d need to have several (or dozens) backs up cars.

Laguna Seca Times:
Camaro ZL1: 1:34.30
Model S: 1:52.425

If one drive like that on the streets, they’d be thrown in jail for reckless driving. But accelerating to speed limit is perfectly legal no matter how quick.

Much to the contrary it is actually illegal to accelerate to the speed limit to fast, many people can tell you of there time in jail, court with tickets, and impound fees for “accelerating” too fast for the law

Accelerating to the speed limit is perfectly legal.

It’s what I do every single day.

I’ve taken off on cops and they’ve done nothing to me.

Turn a corner fast, hit the curb, scrape your car and most likely get in an accident

Driving is all about straight lines. Go play Need for Speed if you want to cut corners.

We don’t do that in everyday driving.

I’m living proof that accelerating too fast is illegal. Got a ticket a few years ago for Excessive Acceleration. It’s a real thing, look it up

Exhibition of speed violation is real. Look it up.


Wow, really slow. My Suzuki RF900R at Leguna Seca is nearly 6 seconds faster and it is a 1994 vintage.

I will take savings in gas mileage in exchange for Camaros superior top end and road course capability.

And still drive a gas guzzling self maintained Dodge of real muscle power era 90% of time, just for sheer enjoyment.
Time to impress quality opposite sex, and not boys, gimme the Tesla.

Cough up 150 Grand and it’s yours

There is no saving at the gas pump when you spent $84,000 more at the dealership. That’s literally 28,000 gallons at $3 to get back to even. Maybe 560,000 miles if the Camaro makes 20 mpg overall. You never even come close to getting back to even in life time operating costs of the 2 cars. Lets say 2 buyers each kept them for 100,000 miles. Don’t even get me started on equivalent $/mile cost of the 2 cars.

Dumbest comment ever.

There are ZERO savings in a gas car, especially the Slow-maro.

Slowmaro MPG: 14 City / 20 Highway

Assuming you’ll be trying to race Tesla’s you will not be getting anywhere close to 20 MPG.

So 14 MPG (Being generous) x 19 gallons (Capacity of ZL1 gas tank) you’ll be getting roughly 260 miles on a tank.

Assuming $4 for premium fuel in the ZL1 you’ll be paying close to $80 a tank to fill up with finite dino juice.

The first fill up will be 8 times more than the cost to charge the Tesla to 100% which is ~$11 in electricity.

What savings? Oh, you mean, Watt savings 😉

First, the national average for premium is no where close to $4. Second, since you will be drag racing anywhere from .5 to 3% of your miles in the Camaro, your argument is erroneous. Third, you’re still talking additional cost to charge your Tesla beyond your initial purchase price, thus extending the miles required to ever come close to balancing the initial cost plus operating cost formula (I was giving you a break in my initial comment just rolling with a 0 operating cost on the Tesla for the sake of the savings comment). You have done nothing to refute my point. Furthermore, I don’t care that you call it a slow maro. Would be the same if compared to any other make of sports car. I like the idea of Tesla cars. My point is there is no cost saving no matter how you try to spin it. To continue to refute that makes me assume one of 2 things. 1, you can’t math well or 2, your debating skills are like a 3rd grader. Just say it louder regardless of fact.

Hahaha!! Let see it against the 1LE ZL1 at 165mph.. that tesla doesn’t even stand a chance past 110 mph… POS.

Would be interesting to see th at rolling start race when the car HADN’T just completed a couple standing start drag races with hot motors and battery. True that says something, but after a couple long hard pulls that Tesla has got to be running hot and the system is probably pulling amperage to avoid an overheat.