Tesla Ranks #1 In This New Energy Survey In China


Result bode well for the future of California company.

It’s hard to overstate the importance of China for the future of Tesla. Besides being the world’s most populous country, it now boasts the biggest passenger vehicle market on the planet. Despite a recent downturn — the first since the Nineties — dealers moved over 2 million units in the month of September alone. With brand image being as important in China as in any other country, it’s heartening to see the electric automaker topping the list in a survey about “new energy” (electric) vehicles there.

The Guangzhou New Energy Vehicle Consumption Survey Report collected information from 2,247 citizens (we assume from that city), of which 319 (or 14.2 percent) were owners of electric vehicles. It had several interesting conclusions. When asked which brand offered the best value for money, Tesla edged out the competition. This included domestic automakers BAIC, BYD, Dongfeng Motor (DFMC), and Geely Automobile.

The low range-per-charge of available products, which was said to be between 200 and 400 km (124 and  249 miles), was seen as the biggest drawbacks of new energy vehicles, but that was not the only consideration for Chinese consumers. It seems respondents considered battery safety most important, followed by battery life, then charging speed, and, finally, range. Though it was not mentioned explicitly, we have to imagine price plays an important role as well.

Another important factor when considering electric vehicles was charging stations. Their locations, the cost of charging, and the availability of functioning chargers was seen as an issue. According to Energy Storage China (ESCN), Guangzhou currently has 60,000 electric vehicles plying its streets and vying for space at charging stations.

Though the Model S and Model X are already sold in the country, sales of the top spec Model 3 should begin in the fast-approaching first quarter of next year. Initial prices for that more affordable Tesla have already been announced. Once the Model 3 starts rolling off production lines of Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai in the second half of 2019, we may start to get a real indication of the brand’s popularity there. Currently, prices are artificially inflated to help compensate for high tariffs.

Source: Tesla Top Info, ESCN

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Apparently China is excellent at STEM and appreciates excellence in engineering and a superior product. Tesla is a company that excels and who has a leader with a clear vision. That is interested in saving the planet and doesn’t believe Climate Change is a hoax perpetrated by China.

Oh for the love of –

For all the imperfections in our system( and all the places where China’s does excel), I’d still rather be an American citizen than Chinese.

I don’t have insight into the private character of President Xi, but you don’t think there far more pressing issues of air and water quality? You don’t think the price of China’s corporate-fuedal technocracy’s capacity to move strong and quickly comes at a cost of civil and political freedoms vs ours( however imperfect) that’s isn’t worth the cost?

You think ‘global warming’ is really the primary environmental concern of China’s government? Even based on their own actions vis a vis international accords? Really?

Xi will wait for the next President to make a trade deal. This one isn’t trustworthy or smart.

Well, whatever his character, I find it hard to believe he isn’t smart. He ran apposed by the entire infrastructure of both parties, he ran largely funded by individual and small small(ish) sum contributions, he ran on positions directly contrary to traditional platforms of the party on whose ticket he ran, and he ran making a point of being as different from Shakespeare’s smiling villain( which his supporters felt they’d been treated to going back to Bush 1) as one could possibly imagine. He did so while being confrontational and making politically reckless statements, on politically reckless issues, and making no attempt to project an air of leadership or unifying presence. And yet he won. And whatever the real problems stemming from his presidency, he’s somehow stumbled into governing over a modest but so far sustained period of economic growth and reduced military footprint overseas. Can’t say how much stems from his policy and actions, and there’s plenty I’m not a fan of, but I don’t think his successful candidacy and the amount of ‘not bad’ things today – that could be far worse today than they are – are something any cunning idiot at the right place and time… Read more »

‘Looks at votes’ Yikes – brook no quarter for some people on some subjects, I guess…. :-/

Request Elon improve the quality of headlights and large screens.I’m 2017 Model S owner in Shanghai.Replacement of these accessories keeps me waiting for two months.

I hope they deliver it soon and you can continue to enjoy the drive better.

I’ve made an appointment to replace the accessories, but many Chinese 2017 Model S owners have found similar quality problems.

That’s normal. Please be patient.

Another feather in the cap of Tesla. Superior engineering speaks.

Well there’s talk this morning that Xi will lower tariffs on US built cars to 15% I hope it’s true. Back to what was done earlier.