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Tesla Model 3

You Can Now Ask Siri To Control Your Tesla

Now you can use Apple’s AI assistant, Siri with, the Tesla Mobile App. Though the automaker didn’t make any public mention of it — perhaps so as not to shed any light on Apple’s technology — or simply because Tesla has a habit of not always publicizing its updates, Siri is…

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Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla Is Changing The Way We Think About Energy

TESLA ENERGY: FROM SUN TO HOME TO WHEELS Batteries power cell phones, laptops, and electric cars. Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, “Your next home could run on batteries. A combination of solar power and the rise of residential energy storage paves the way for a new kind of cable cutting”…

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Tesla Is On The Fast Track In Oz

TESLA IS COMING UP BIG DOWN UNDER This was an exciting time for Elon Musk in Australia. On the heels of Tesla’s continuing traction all across Australia, in late September Musk attended a Powerpack unveiling at Noeon Hornsdale wind farm in Jamestown, South Australia. He announced Tesla was approximately 50% finished the world’s biggest lithium-ion battery system. Just hours…

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Tesla Powerwall Orders Piling Up In Midwest

The Tesla Powerwall (energy storage system) is getting more and more interest from Midwest, where consumers would also like to store solar surplus electricity, and have backup power. As a case in point, St. Paul-based All Energy Solar, one of the first in the country offer Tesla Powerwall installations, has…

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Progressive Policies In Some States Will Accelerate Tesla

ELECTRIC VEHICLES AND THE GRID — A LOOK AT PROGRESSIVE POLICIES EMERGING IN CALIFORNIA AND NEW YORK With Tesla CEO Elon Musk forecasting the market for Model 3 vehicles could swell to 700,000 vehicles, the streets may soon be flooded with electric cars. To put that in perspective, the popular BMW 3 Series only has an…

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