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Rumor Again Surfaces Calling For End Of Chevrolet Volt…In 2022

The plug-in car might be replaced by an electrified crossover. Rumors about Chevrolet discontinuing the Volt have been swirling around for years, and now a report in late December indicates this might eventually happen in 2022. According to information by AutoForecast Solutions, brought to our attention by GM Authority, the automaker wants to shift its focus towards…

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Chevy Volt Sales Set Single-Month EV Record In Canada

  Chevrolet Volt sales set a single-month record for plug-in electric vehicles in Canada. While we don’t typically cover Canadian plug-in sales due to lack of automaker’s reporting figures, every so often something of importance pops up in the numbers. For example, in September, sales of the Chevy Volt in…

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GM CEO Seems To Question Demand For Electric Cars

GM CEO Mary Barra had to clarify some recent remarks about electric cars to assure that her words were not spun into something negative. Barra has made it clear on numerous occasions that she supports electric cars and is excited about GM’s electric future. However, she is concerned about demand…

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