If you've followed InsideEVs for a few years now, then you're aware there's a Chevy Volt that has racked up loads and loads of miles.

If not, well then, welcome to the world's highest mileage Volt. It was driven as a commuter for years and years. One way trip - 110 miles. So, 220 miles per workday, which alone is quite insane.

Owned by Erick Belmer, this Volt has put on the miles like no other. But before moving forward, let's take a look back:

With that bit of history out of the way, let's move on to the latest update.

Belmer had some issues with his Volt after passing 400,000 miles. We hadn't seen an update from him in quite a while, but now he's back with this video showing off his 467,838-mile Chevy Volt.

Called Sparkie, the first-generation Volt owned by Belmer proved reliable and extremely durable. The biggest yearly expense was often just tire replacements.

At 400,000 miles, Belmer told InsideEVs this:

Volt is holding up flawlessly! No noticeable battery capacity loss.

The Volt was always my dream car! To get to drive it everyday is a dream come true!

Well, that changed just a short while later. A semi-truck tire struck the Volt and did some major damage. As Belmer says, it's never been the same since the $7,000 in needed repairs. Battery/charging issues have cropped up and now it's basically just a gas car. There's also a coolant leak, which may have damaged some portion of the electric powertrain.

But still, 468,000 miles in any car is certainly impressive.

Check out the video for more on Belmer's Volt.

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