Even as it is the most "inexpensive" Tesla car, the Model 3 will still set you back a nice chunk of cash. Since it has been proven that many people buying these cars have not purchased such a pricey car before, it makes sense that they'd put every ounce of effort into taking care of them. Keeping them in pristine condition is paramount.

The above is arguably one reason why people continue to share their Tesla dashcam (TeslaCam) and Sentry Mode videos on their YouTube channels. Thankfully, just about anyone can share just about anything on YouTube, although there are exceptions. We're finding now that many Tesla owners are not only uploading their videos, but also sending them our way.

In this recent video, you can see a Chevy Volt owner breaking the law, passing in oncoming traffic, and clipping the Model 3 in the process. Regardless of the above, it seems the owner is going to use the TeslaCam video to try to track down the culprit. He's clearly already done his homework and is just waiting on the authorities at this point, since he should not have to pay the $10,000 repair bill or have his insurance rates go up.

At any rate, check out the video for more details and to see it all unfold. If you happen to have any info on this criminal, please advise. Leave us your thoughts in the comment section below.

Video Description via Brian Thompson on YouTube:

Sentry Cam Model 3 Tesla Captures Accident

This video is recorded on a public street with no expectation of privacy. We have not blurred the faces. The person who hit our Model 3 has not responded to our phone calls and we are seeking help from anyone who might know the person. News outlets often show security footage of burglars breaking into homes. When someone hits your car and doesn't take responsibility, the theft is thousands of dollars. In this case over ten thousand, (yes we got three estimates and were shocked too). The footage shows this person clearly breaking the law and causing an accident. So far we don't know if the police have taken any action from the information we have given them. If anyone has information that can help nurse Braun, get help, please share. Thank you for watching, and hoping that every driver will have sentry cam capability some day.


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