Smart Details Plan To Go Electric-Only In Europe, Worldwide




Do you want a 2018 model year smart with an internal combustion engine in the US?  Our first question is why…with a follow-up of “well, you can’t have one!”

Smart hopes to be the first automaker to make a complete transition to electric-only vehicles in the near future in all global markets and adds some fun to the equation.

As we reported a while back, smart already made it known that it will no longer sell ICE vehicles in the U.S. for the 2018 model year.

The automaker has also announced that Norway would only see its EVs from now on as well. Despite several reports that this would lead to a decrease in sales and that some dealerships would be forced to end sales and bail out — at least in the U.S. — the micro-car maker has plans to push this concept into the rest of Europe, and eventually the world.

Starting in 2020, you will no longer be able to buy an ICE smart car in Europe and this will prove true in all other markets shortly thereafter.

This comes after the automaker premiered its vision EQ fortwo electric autonomous city car at the recent Frankfort Motor Show.

At the time, smart Chief, Annette Winkler, shared:

“The smart vision EQ fortwo is our vision for urban mobility of the future; it is the most radical car sharing concept car ever to be developed: fully autonomous, highly communicative, friendly, extensively customisable and, of course, electric.”

According to the company:

New individualisation options help users to recognise that it is “their” vehicle: by means of the Black Panel grille at the front as well as large projection surfaces at the sides, the smart vision EQ fortwo allows unprecedented individualisation of the vehicle – ideal for car sharing. Freed from the task of driving, the passengers are able to relax in the large interior.

The smart vision EQ fortwo has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 30 kWh. When it is not in use the vehicle automatically heads for a charging station to recharge its battery. Alternatively, the cars can “dock” onto the power grid inductively, supply electricity and ease the load on the grid as a “swarm battery”. Here smart is assuming an important function in the transition towards sustainable energy.

Smart also solidified more details regarding its current and future range of vehicles.

The automaker is offering a new interactive way to experience and compare these models via a smartphone app coined “experienc-e“. You can get the app on iOS or Android. It uses a 3D model, component scanner, and range simulator to allow the consumer to manipulate the vehicle via their device, scan an actual vehicle and learn more information about it, or calculate its range based on personalized parameters.

Smart’s goal is to take the fun-to-drive, highly customizable lineup and make it an equally fun experience for the car shopper and owner. The automaker aims to continue on a unique and innovative path that’s never really been visited before by any previous vehicle lineup, which makes perfect sense for the quirky, electric city car.

Source: Daimler

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35 mpg real world average with an 8.7 gallon tank is about 300 miles of range. I always thought that a tiny car like that could do better than 35 mpg.

Whenever I see one of those cars, I think of King Kong or Godzilla stepping on one, making it into a pancake.

17.6 kWh battery. It has an EPA Certified range of 58 miles. Ugh. Review articles have been very unflattering – ICE or Electric modes.

It is worse than the Volt.

Volt 18.4kWh battery has 14.7kWh of usable energy, and has 53 miles of electric range. That means it gets 277Wh/mile, from its usable capacity.

New Smart ForTwo has 17.6 usable kWh and has 58 miles of electric range. It gets 306Wh/mile. It is actually almost as bad as a 320Wh/mile Tesla.

With such a tiny car, how can they screw up efficiency so badly in either ICE or EV versions?

It’s not. They underrated it for the Disney effect. I’ve test driven several and watched the range counter climb with use. I also own a 451 Cabrio electric, with closing in on 30k miles. It can get 70 in the right conditions. How you accelerate matters. I’ve gotten 4.6mi/kW before, which is on par with my i3 (both suck compared to the 9.8mi/kW of my Zero).

Don’t know where you get your mpg data from but it’s not accurate. My Smart averages 42 mpg in the real world of daily driving. 47 mpg on the highway. You probably don’t own a Smart so you don’t have real world experience with it. That’s the sad reason why MBUSA decided to stop selling ICE Smarts. So many people talking trash about them without knowing what they’re talking about and scaring potential buyers.

That’s because the US makes them install a Mitsubishi motor in the car instead of the two high efficiency Mercedes motors they come with in Europe. The diesel get 70-80 mpg.

yes, but pollute heavily.
So, no thanx.

Very smart to stop the production of ICE Smarts.

I live on Oklahoma and use my smart car for everything. Going to OKC and Dallas, but I will not have a electric car. So when mine gives up I will rebuild motor and go on but never buy an electric smart car. You just lost a buyer.

They just lost the only buyer in OK….they are devastated!

Wonderful, just what we need. Another idiot who has no idea of what a great car the ICE Smart is, making stupid comments on a website.

I live in Oklahoma and just got a Smart, I love it!!!

do you drive it all over the US taking it on federal highways?
Or just city drive?

I own an ICE smart and I have driven it on freeways every day. Driven all road conditions except serious ice/snow, and don’t go up mountain ranges with it. Don’t need for that, truck is up to bat for those trips. And, I never get less than 41mpg, mostly 47mpg.

How does a car this small get only mid 40’s mpg? This is absolutely ridiculous. The Lexus ES is 3 times larger and gets over 40.

Yeah, the ICE smart is really great! In fact it superior in pollution. Advanced Daimler engineerig has resulted in a gasoline engine for a two seater city car that throws out about 450x the legal threshold of particulate dust for a diesel engine of that size (in real world driving conditions). This car is dirtier than an ICE semi or ICE city bus, and it is meant for city driving.
That’s the reason for the 2018 model year in US being electric only, they just do not want to get caught and prosecuted like VW…
The step of going purely electric is necessary to avoid massive loss of market share to the Chinese in the next few years.

Oh, do tell…how is this half car, accident death-box, dirty square shaped pos is a great car…go ahead. You wanna save on gas, get a prius or ionic.

prius is a joke.
Far better to get a leaf. At least it is clean.

Oh, YES!!! You are definitely right and I agree…but thses posters above are ICE fans so I offered an alternative in their world. And you have to be naive to think the prius is not a superior car ,in every aspect, to the smart.

I owned a 2008 ICE Smart and leased a 2013 electric Smart for 3 years. Both have merit and honest purpose. My favorite is both. Right now i want the last gen ICE cabrio and any electric. But I’m also 67.

I would never buy another Smart Car. The peeling clear coat issue in which Smart or Mercedes USA refused to address shows the lack of customer car. Never Smart-electric or not.

I love the concept of the Smart EVs, but the reality is grim. My iMiev (well, Ion) is a far older design, and cheaper, but far better all round – Chademo rapid DC charging, much more efficient cabin layout (4 decent seats and a good amount of boot space) and 16.5 usable Kwh. For a 2010 EV design to out perform their “newest and best”, that’s kinda embarrassing.