Shenzhen Companies Ordered 500 BYD Electric Dump Trucks

AUG 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

Shenzhen, the Chinese city with more than 16,000 fully electric buses, is now going to electrify dump trucks.

Electric buses in Shenzhen

According to Xinhua, BYD signed a contract for 500 trucks with two companies in Shenzhen, south China’s Guangdong Province.

The T10ZT trucks will be able to go 280 km (175 miles) collecting 10.6 cubic meters of stuff.

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DC fast charging stations will enable recharging of the batteries in around 90 minutes.

The first BYD’s dump trucks were already delivered in July.

The next application for electrification is to be a concrete mixer truck, that like dump trucks, causes emission equivalent to a total of 70 passenger cars.


BYD dump truck

BYD dump truck

BYD dump truck

BYD dump truck

BYD’s dump trucks

BYD dump truck

Source: Xinhua

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10 Comments on "Shenzhen Companies Ordered 500 BYD Electric Dump Trucks"

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I didn’t know this was possible. But dump trucks in my area rarely travel more then 60 miles one way in my city.

The bulk of a dump truck’s expenses are fuel.

Also dump trucks are one of the filthiest and smelliest things on the road right now when it comes to diesel flumes.

Why wouldn’t it be possible? 🙂

Now they just need to change the cab shape to make them more pedestrian/cyclist friendly.

Electric buses/trucks will lead the way to clean transportation because the benefits are so compelling compared to diesel.

I suspect that these will be like the BYD buses. Pure junk.

Yet people are very happy with them and ordering more and more…

the dump truck or the bus? Because if it is the bus, they have had a lot of issues.

That story was revealed to be mostly fake news, published by the gas industry.

Do you have a link to the “fake news” rebuttal to the story? I’d like to follow it. Thanks!

Also need to work on route optimization solutions, like the TRUX Now app in the US.