It doesn't look real. It doesn't feel real. It felt like it'd never come. But it has. The Tesla Cybertruck is here, and we have one to test for the week. 

It's an all-wheel-drive Foundation Series, the cheapest one currently for sale. It still costs $99,990, plus $1995 in required destination fees. The only other option is the tri-motor, $120,000 Cyberbeast Foundation Series, as the rear-wheel-drive base model is arriving later. Based on the 80-odd people who have stopped me in the street, approached me at the drive-thru, filmed me for their TikTok accounts, and mocked me as I've gone by, I assume the public is broadly curious about this thing. I want to help answer those questions.

The full review will come in the next week or two—along with an exciting new rebrand for our review format—and will include all of the basics. How it drives, how far it goes, how it charges, how its technology works, and how it feels. But given how controversial and attention-grabbing the Cybertruck is, we know there's more to tell about this one. So we're coming to you. 

What do you want to see? What do you want us to learn? What do you want us to do? We're open to wacky ideas but bear in mind that we rented this vehicle off Turo. The vehicle belongs to someone, and we have to respect their property. That means we aren't cleared for track driving or off-roading. Not that all of the off-road features even work yet, anyway. Plus, we've already got an off-road review from a better wheeler than me.

Drop your questions, concerns, and ideas in the comments below. In the meantime, I'll be trying to avoid Model 3 drivers swerving next to me on the highway as they film the Cybertruck passing by.

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