Now that the Tesla Model Y has been on the market for some time, more mainstream automotive publications are beginning to take the opportunity to review the car. Still, we haven't seen things blow up as they did with the Model 3. This isn't to say the Model Y isn't popular, but since it's so much like the Model 3, there may not be as much of a race to get the information out.

The Model Y all-electric crossover launched right at the beginning the , which surely didn't help the situation. In addition, with only two expensive, dual-motor, all-wheel-drive versions available at this time, the Model Y isn't really a mainstream offering. Sure, it's well-priced compared to many other small luxury performance SUVs, but it's out of reach for most car shoppers.

With that said, MotorWeek got its hands on a Model Y to execute its usual test drive. First and foremost, the publication chimes in about Tesla in general. It's impressed with Tesla's impact on the automotive landscape over such a short time. MotorWeek says Tesla has "certainly pushed traditional car makers to take both them and fully electric vehicles much more seriously." So, what does it have to say about the Silicon Valley automaker's entry into the hugely popular small crossover SUV segment?

MotorWeek gives us a very brief history of Tesla and then moves on to the Model Y. It's impressed with the car's range, and it says the touch screen takes a bit of time to get used to, but it handles everything just fine once you're acquainted. The publication admits, however, that it has a hard time getting used to not having a traditional dashboard display. And, it's clear that Tesla still needs to put more emphasis on fit and finish.

Overall, MotorWeek is thoroughly impressed with the Model Y's performance. Its acceleration takes them by surprise, and it tackles the publication's slalom course with ease. Check out the short video for all the details. Then, drop us a line in the comment section below.

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