This Tesla Model Y owner has driven about 6,000 miles in four months. Is he still happy with his decision to buy the Y, or does he have regrets? Whether or not you agree with every like and/or dislike, this information could prove helpful to prospective buyers.

What Drive You sits down to provide us with a simple list of Model Y likes and dislikes. He also offers some explanation about each pro and con. The video starts with the dislikes, which is uncommon among Tesla YouTube videos. However, it's important to note that this is not some highly produced, multi-camera video with seamless editing and a full soundtrack. Instead, it watches like a regular guy just being honest about the all-electric crossover.

Who could've guessed that the piano black console tops the list of cons? No worries, though. Fortunately, at least for those who dislike it, the console is going away in favor of one that appears to be less of a fingerprint magnet. However, if you're stuck with one, you can vinyl wrap it.

What Drives You says the rear seats are firmer than he expected. He says they're firmer than the seats in the back of the Model 3, which seems strange since this is a crossover, and most buyers are likely to put passengers in back. The final dislike is that the Model Y has no hands-free "toe-kick" for the power hatch. However, the power liftgate is positive.

The list of positive proceeds with the Model Y's roominess, good outward visibility, long range, black-out exterior, available tow hitch, and quiet cabin compared to the Model 3. However, perhaps the best part of Tesla ownership is the frequent over-the-air software updates.

Check out the video and let us know if you agree with these likes and dislikes. What did he miss?

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