Cleanerwatt looks at the original 2012 Tesla Model S and how it compares to the current 2020 Tesla Model S Performance. The interesting part here is that even if Tesla had made no improvements to its original Model S, it would still be far ahead of most of today's new EVs in various metrics.

Nonetheless, though Tesla hasn't completely redesigned the Model S – or any of its cars for that matter – it has made a host of incremental improvements along the way. According to CEO Elon Musk, not only does Tesla not redesign its cars, but it also doesn't refresh them.

However, we can argue that it continuously refreshes them with improvements to range, charging, performance, and software features. Most of these improvements come via over-the-air software updates, though some are achievable through hardware changes, some of which are as simple as swapping out wiring.

Sadly, the Tesla Model S isn't selling as well as it used to. This is most likely due to the less expensive Model 3 coming to market. Now, the Model Y has joined the fleet as well. In order to spark renewed interest in the Model S, Tesla has big plans for more future improvements. It's working on special projects like the Roadrunner and Palladium, not to mention the upcoming "Plaid" powertrain. Hopefully, we will get plenty of details about Tesla's future plans at its Battery and Investor Day in September.

In the meantime, follow Cleanerwatt in his showcase of the Tesla Model S from old to new. It's fascinating to see how the electric car has evolved, although we're even more excited about what lies ahead.

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