October 2018: Tesla Model 3 #19 Best-Selling Vehicle In U.S.

NOV 9 2018 BY MARK KANE 21

Tesla within the top 20 models and brands in the U.S. in October 2018

October wasn’t as strong as September for Tesla sales in the U.S. (the highest volumes usually fall on the last month of the quarter), but it was still an order of magnitude higher than last year.

According to the BestSellingCarsBlog, both Tesla and Tesla Model 3 managed to stay within the top 20.

Tesla Model 3 was classified at #19 among all models, but when you exclude trucks, of course only several cars had stronger sales results.

U.S. best selling brands in October 2018

In the case of brands, Tesla is in 17th place (down from 15th in September). We hope that in November and December, Tesla move up at least to #12.

Source: bestsellingcarsblog.com (some numbers estimated)

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A few observations:
1) The best selling EV by an order of magnitude barely made it into the top 20 overall (great progress but the scale is daunting)
2) Check out the dominance of pickups and SUVs/crossovers
3) People here make statements that Ford only sells pickups. Well they are clearly the best at that, but notice that they also sold almost 100,000 more non-pickups than Tesla, so clearly they’re pretty good at other types too

FORD has been building vehicles for a century and their ICE. Tesla is revolutionizing the industry with Electric Vehicles, Autonomous driving, solar panels and energy storage. Tesla is doing what Ford did to the horse and buggy. Ford needs to be careful it’s not put out to pasture.

Ford F series includes all 150 (+Raptor), 250, 350 and 450? Quite a few vehicles that get lumped together to represent “a” vehicle. I’m assuming that’s the same for the Chevy and Ram trucks listed. Wouldn’t it be more fair to compare single models?

Silverado might take the top spot, and we can’t have that.

Silverado is 1500, 2500 and 3500 too

GMC Sierra is pretty much Silverado, yet that’s broken out.

They explicitly say “F-Series” which implies different models, so their no hiding anything,
If Ford, GM and RAM split their full size pickup models out, the top 20 would have more pickups and Tesla Model 3 would not be in the top 20.

If tesla makes a compelling Pickup Truck, they will sell faster than the model 3 and put the big hurt on the big 3.

It’s a given Tesla will build a pickup truck. They have products that will being production in 2020 CUV and Semi. There also focusing on profitability but there’s no let up on research and development. There a couple years ahead of the competition and they will stay a couple years ahead in 2020.

I wonder about that. It would be a US & Canada -only market, for most purposes (actual commercial use), since the rest of the planet doesn’t use trucks for primarily personal transportation.

I’d like to see that, and I will have a reservation.
But keep in mind that while there are luxury pickups, this is an extremely competitive market where the transaction prices are very low considering their content/capability.
At current Tesla prices, the battery pack for a BEV pickup would cost more than an entire ICE pickup.
Also, brand loyalty is insanely high. Just ask Toyota and Nissan how they like their numbers in the full size segment.
So Tesla can realistically steal the higher profit sales, volume is not a given.

I don’t know how much is an engine , transmission, and exhaust system for an F150. Pickups have the highest profit margin of any light vehicle other than the super expensive high end like Ferrari’s, Lamborgni’s etc. You look at the end of the year and dealers are knocking off $10,000 from a new pickup to make room for next years model.

The Model 3 is stealing sales from cars half their price. Trade ins have come from Honda and Toyota mid range cars. Any bet F-150 owners will pay twice as more the upgrade?

I’m not convinced a Tesla pickup truck would sell very well initially. The pickup truck market is extremely brand loyal, and practical pickup trucks like the Honda Ridgeline have never done very well. It’s going to take time to bring Ford, Chevy, Ram, and Toyota loyalists over to the brand. Plus the other challenge will be price. If it’s somewhere between a Model 3 and a Model S, that’s going to start in the $50k-$60k range which is way above the average truck price. It may be even higher if Tesla offers a version with true towing capability and a large battery pack.

Regardless Tesla should build one.

I think this is pretty good statement of the current state of affairs in regard to Tesla. The premier car company of the world.

Pathetic numbers once again. Americans please stop that laughable SUV fetish.

The pickup trucks used for commuting only are even worse.

I would like to see this in terms of revenue!

Bmw doesn’t make pickups for a reason. Honda pickup is not in there why would Tesla pickup sell?

Because it will be more desirable?

Within the 4-door sedan category, only Accord, Camry, Corolla, Civic and Elantra outsold Tesla, despite the big difference in price.