NIO Sold Record 3,318 ES8 Electric SUVs In December

JAN 10 2019 BY MARK KANE 11

NIO captured its niche and moves forward

Chinese manufacturer NIO reports a record of 3,318 ES8 electric car sales in December. It will probably stay a record for a while as the first quarter brings seasonally lower demand in China.

Anyway,s NIO delivered a total of 11,348 ES8 in 2018, which is slightly more than the goal.

The ES8 7-seater will be joined by the NIO ES6 5-seater in June 2019, which should further highly increase NIO’s results.

NIO ES8 sales in China – December 2018

William Li, founder, chairman and chief executive officer of NIO said:

“With 11,348 ES8 deliveries in 2018, we exceeded our delivery goal for our first calendar year as a public company. 2018 has been a milestone year for us, as we produced and delivered over 11,000 ES8s and launched our second production car, the ES6, a 5-seater high-performance premium electric SUV on NIO Day in December 2018. We will continue to focus on market penetration by delivering high-quality products and holistic services to our users and to improve the system efficiency of our development and operations.”

Louis T. Hsieh, NIO’s chief financial officer added :

“We are pleased with the solid ramp-up in production and delivery in 2018, which demonstrated our execution capabilities. The delivery of 3,318 ES8s in December exceeded our expectation, which was in part due to accelerated deliveries made at the year end in anticipation of expected EV subsidy reductions in China in 2019. Despite an overall challenging automotive market and the seasonal low demand in the first quarter, we remain committed to expanding our sales network and strengthening our brand to support our future growth.”

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Why can we, US, not have a reasonably priced 7 seater all electric? I currently own a Pacifica Hybrid (plug-in), but all electric is my goal. Tesla Model X is just too expensive for me to justify to myself.

Define reasonably priced. This is $70K (in China) for a sub 200 miles (estimated at 180 miles EPA)car.

I am not saying the ES8, if it were available in the US, would be reasonably priced here, but $68k is more reasonable than the $85k Model X that has 237 miles range. The base Model X has only 5 seats. $3,000 option to get the 7-seats configuration.

Hopefully the model Y will come close to that list of requirements, but not sure about 7 seats part – I would assume 5 seater unless they can pull off something like the rear facing seats like the Model S in the past.

The Nio ES8 starts from $66k in China so it’s not really that affordable either. But it is lower than the $82 that the Model X starts from in the US.
In Europe we do have an affordable 7 seater though, the Nissan e-NV200…. hopefully it will get an upgrade from 40 kWh to 62+ kWh sometime soon.

This might change in late 2020 or so, with both the Model Y, and the first ID. model for the US, rumoured to be available as 7-seaters…

If looking at the Model 3 and the S vs. X prices there is little hope that the Model Y will be all that affordable. 😛

that could be life-altering. I guess my Pacifica Hybrid will hold until then.

It will be a few more years before anything like the Pacifca is a full BEV.

Y incoming.. $40k base.. AWD

I like the battery swapping in 3 minutes capability the ES8 has. I know Tesla considered this years ago and gave up on it, but I think it might be time to reconsider.