Polestar and Electrify America announced an agreement that will result in free fast charging over a period of two years for all Polestar 2 sold in the U.S.

The program will start in late October and cover all 2021 and 2022 model year Polestar 2 cars, including current drivers who bought the vehicle since the car’s launch.

Polestar 2 drivers will be able to fast charge at Electrify America's stations at no cost (30-minute sessions) over a period of two years from handover. That's a substantially better incentive than the 250 kWh credit in the case of Volvo XC40 Recharge and Volvo C40 Recharge.

"New and existing Polestar 2 drivers will receive the free charging starting two years from vehicle handover on the nation’s largest open ultra-fast DC charging network; the program will also cover current drivers who bought the vehicle since the car’s launch.

Charging benefits for 2021 and 2022 Polestar 2 owners will be accessed through Electrify America’s industry-leading mobile app, which was recently redesigned to provide electric vehicle (EV) drivers with a simple and inclusive ‘one stop’ solution for all their charging needs. Highlights include a streamlined account creation process, optimized contactless payment and the ability to locate a charger and track a charging session."

The network currently includes 673 stations (136 coming soon) with some 2,212 individual CCS1 connectors (there are also 684 CHAdeMO, compatible with a few models like Nissan LEAF).

According to Electrify America, by the end of 2025, the network will expand to more than 1,700 stations with 9,500 individual chargers.

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Giovanni Palazzo, president and chief executive officer of Electrify America said:

“At Electrify America, we are constantly challenging ourselves to propel the EV industry forward. With expanding EV offerings, it is more important than ever to instill a sense of confidence in new and prospective drivers, and we are excited to work with a like-minded company like Polestar to provide high-quality, accessible charging.”

Gregor Hembrough, Head of Polestar North America said:

“We are thrilled to announce this offer for current and future Polestar 2 owners, streamlining the EV ownership experience for our customers. Polestar is working continuously to provide them with substantial new benefits throughout their vehicle ownership journey, and this offer takes the stress and costs out of charging your Polestar 2.”

The list of Electrify America's DC fast charging agreements with manufacturers (offer as of the day of the announcement - might be different now):

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