The Tesla Plaid Channel finally took delivery of its first Model S Plaid after months of waiting. The channel has been providing Tesla racing content for some time, and it was made clear the Plaid was going to be the highlight of the channel long before it even arrived.

These guys just got their first Model S Plaid on July 28, and they didn't waste any time. Things are only going to get more exciting for them going forward, and they have two more Model S Plaid sedans on order. We can't think of any other channel that will be racing three Plaid's and filming it.

The Tesla Plaid Channel provides new Tesla races every week, and it has already accumulated over 1,000 timeslips. They post every single race – win or lose – unless the competitor requests that they don't publish the footage. Many of the races feature Tesla vehicles, and more specifically, the channel's Model S Performance. However, all of this was just a precursor of what was to come.

We shared some Plaid races with you that the channel recently published, but the Plaid wasn't one they owned, but rather, that of a friend or competitor. Now that the Tesla Plaid Channel has its own refreshed Model S, and two more on the way, they'll be able to provide constant racing footage featuring the world's quickest car, and they're not wasting any time.

In this video, we get to see some 20 drag strip runs. The list of competitors is too long to share, but as you can imagine, it features a wide variety of rivals, from the Porsche 911 to "beasts on slicks." We're talking about nearly an hour of Model S Plaid racing footage.

Go grab the popcorn, kick back, and watch this "practical" family sedan show modified gassers and supercars who's boss.

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