According to the latest reports from the field, Tesla is ramping up production and deliveries of the newly launched, refreshed Model S, which exists in two versions - top-of-the-line Plaid and Long Range AWD.

Initially, Tesla delivered the first 25 units on June 10, 2021, and promised to gradually increase the volume to hundreds and then to thousands a week. With just 2-3 weeks left before the end of the quarter, we would be happy to see 1,000 units delivered, but probably a three-digit number is a safer bet.

Maybe Tesla will surprise us with a higher number, because there were a lot of cars produced, but waiting for release due to an undisclosed reason (parts shortage or double-checking of something).

Anyway, the Tesla Fremont Flyover's video from June 13, 2021 reveals that there are more Model S than before, which indicates increased production.

Further indication that Tesla is populating the world with new Model S comes from Teslarati which gathered some tweets showing carriers with new cars:


The sooner the Model S will enter a more regular production-sales cycle, without of hundreds of cars in temporary parking lots, the better. But that will not end the story, as Tesla must then also launch and ramp-up the new Model X.

At the same time, the company is busy with the launch of Model Y and Cybertruck in Texas, (we are not entirely sure what is the status of the Semi), plus complete the plant in Germany as well as manage the progress in China, as Giga Shanghai is now a very important export plant.

Tesla currently has some many things going on that it appears to be in a permanent "production/development hell" to fulfil its ambitions.

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