Why is Sony still testing its electric vehicle prototype, the Vision-S, even though it has made it clear it has no plans to manufacture it? The last time we talked about this vehicle Sony published a video in which it announced it had begun testing the vehicle on public roads in Austria and now our spies have provided a photo of what appears to be the same prototype (or it could be another, with the same wrap).

We’re not sure it’s the same prototype, because the vehicle in the photos doesn’t have number plates. However, it has to either be the same vehicle or another with the same wrap pattern - Sony has not said anything about multiple prototypes, but it wouldn’t be out of the question for it to have more than one, since the company also said it’s not planning to have this vehicle built (and the fact that it’s still testing suggests otherwise).

Gallery: Sony Vision-S Prototype

Furthermore, the fact that they refined some details from the original concept shown at CES 2020 (the charge port door on the right rear flank is now rounded, not squared off and the vent on the front fender appears taller) to us suggests there’s some kind of production intent behind all this testing.

And while Sony has denied any plans to put it into production, it has not denied that it will keep using the vehicle as a testbed for various automotive technologies. The Vision-S can almost drive itself (it’s Level 2 capable right now, but Sony wants to get it up to Level 4), it can change lanes on its own, as well as park itself.

In the meantime, you can check out this gallery with photos showing a Vision-S prototype being tested at an automotive testing facility in Europe.

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