About a year ago Tesla Cybertruck fans could preorder a Hot Wheels RC Tesla Cybertruck, and some people have already received it. Although, some RC Cybertrucks have been found at Target recently, as you can see below. 


Tesla teamed up with Hot Wheels to make two RC Cybertrucks, a small 1:64 scale version, and a larger 1:10 scale version. 

Youtuber Tesla Raj bought two of the small ones and says the larger one isn't out yet. He plays epic music while unboxing and playing with the RC Cybertruck. He explains how all you need to do is hit the joystick left or right to do an infinite about of donuts, or at least until the batteries run out. Below is more video of the RC Cybertruck in action. 


Speaking of batteries, the remote control requires 4 AA batteries and charges the little Cybertruck. Besides the joysticks, there is a button to pair the remote to the truck, alignment buttons, and a boost button that makes the Cybertruck go faster. 

Tesla Raj says the Hot Wheels RC Cybertruck costs $20, and it's the best $20 he's spent in a long time. He didn't say what Target store he found it at and says only select Targets have it. I searched for it on Target.com and only found Nissan GT-R and Roger Dodger versions. So there's a chance it's sold out. 

It appears someone in Giga Texas also got one:


If you want one for yourself, Tesla Raj will pick a winner in about a week. So check out his video for a chance to win.

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