LeBron James, unfortunately, doesn't drive the upcoming GMC Hummer EV truck in this latest promotional video GMC posted on their YouTube channel. LeBron James is GMC's ambassador to the upcoming all-electric truck, so expect more videos of him showing it off. 

The video doesn't really show anything new, it's similar to the one they made in January but shorter. The preproduction prototype looks like the same Edition 1 model we've seen in many photos and videos before. 

LeBron talks about driving the Hummer in the video but doesn't. Maybe once it's further along in production they will film him driving it. The professional basketball player had plenty of great things to say about the Hummer EV truck:

"You know, GMC should be extremely proud of themselves of the build of this beast. The details inside and the exterior are second to none." 

The fine print states that initial availability is Fall 2021, which coincides with what GMC is saying. However, keep in mind that's for the sold-out Edition 1 model. The Hummer EV 3X is the next model out but it's not due until the Fall of 2022 and starts at $99,995. The more affordable but still pricey Hummer EV 2X ($89,995) and 2 ($79,995) models will be available in the Fall of 2023 and Fall of 2024, respectively. 

The fine print also states "Preproduction model shown with 2023 model year accessory wheels." If the Edition 1 is a 2022 model year, I wonder what kind of wheels it will have. Regardless, the Hummer EV truck will offer almost 200 accessories

In case you missed it, the Edition 1 will have 1,000 horsepower and a bit more torque once it hits the production line. GMC likes to advertise 11,500 lb-ft of torque but that's misleading—they get that number by multiplying the torque and gear ratios.  


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