Last evening, GM officially revealed its upcoming GMC Hummer EV, which is a beastly all-electric pickup truck. The vehicle will launch in late 2021 with a starting price of $112,595. That's for the Edition 1 model, the only model available in the first year of production.

According to GM, the Hummer EV Edition 1 "sold out" in just minutes. Reservations for the model opened just ahead of last night's unveiling, at 8 PM ET. Like the Tesla Cybertruck, just $100 holds your spot in line for the vehicle. GM said people reserving an Edition 1 at this point will get put on a waiting list. If you visit the automaker's website, you'll see that it notes reservations as full.

With a $100 deposit, this is very similar to the Tesla Cybertruck, and some people will call it a vote of confidence. Who knows what will happen, if these electric trucks will come to market on time, what will be going on in the world and in people's lives? Reserving these vehicles with a $100 deposit secures a spot, but there are many people who may not follow through, which is good for those on a waiting list.

We'd like to know how many Hummer EV Edition 1 trucks GM plans to build. Selling out in the first hour is definitely impressive, but that announcement would hold much more weight if we knew how many trucks are "spoken for." If it's 500, that's a whole different story than if it's 10,000. Hopefully, we'll learn more in the future.

After the first year, GM plans to offer other versions of the Hummer EV each year. However, the $80,000 base model isn't set to arrive to market until 2024.

Check out all of our Hummer EV coverage. Then, let us know what you think of the electric pickup truck. Did you reserve one?

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