Xpeng is quickly expanding electric car sales in China and December is a great example of that. The company delivered 5,700 EVs (a new monthly record), which is 326% more than a year ago.

The key is the new P7 model which is far more popular than the G3:

  • Xpeng P7: 3,691 (15,062 YTD, since June)
  • Xpeng G3: 2,009 (11,979 YTD)

The year 2020 closed with 27,041 sales (up 112% year-over-year) so it's not bad for a growing startup.

Xpeng said also that its "supercharging" infrastructure (similar to Tesla's Supercharging network) has expanded in China to 670 stations in over 100 cities.


Xpeng is also one of the EV startups that recently managed to deliver the first batch of customers cars in Europe - specifically 100 G3 in Norway.

Xpeng P7
Xpeng P7

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