Total recently won the City of Paris’ concession tender for the modernization and extension of its public charging point network Bélib.

Soon, the company will operate in the French capital 2,329 individual charging points, including 270 existing Bélib points, 1,830 new AC 7 kW points (mostly from the former Autolib), 140 new 3 kW outlets for motorcycles and scooters and 10 fast-charging hubs (50 kW) in underground parking lots.

"This public service concession covers the supply, installation and technical and commercial operation of this charge points network. The new network, which combines the Belib’ network -from which it derives its name- and the former Autolib’ network, will ultimately encompass 2,300 EV charge points, an increase of 56% compared to the number currently in service."

The expansion in France is just one of multiple projects started in recent months. In September, Total acquired London’s largest charging network (more than 1,600 points) from Bolloré Group's Blue Point London, while earlier this month Total acquired from Viessmann the Charging Solutions - a network of 2,000 charging points in Germany.

"With this transaction, Total becomes the operator in Germany of a network of a 2,000 charge points installed at private businesses’ locations, including some of which are accessible to the general public."

At such a rate, the company really should be able to become one of the largest players in the EV charging business, although only time will tell whether all of those investments were really profitable.

Total charging infrastructure
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