Yes, due to their unique design, some electric vehicles can serve as high-performance supercars while also having loads of space and practicality. Tesla has proven time and time again that its cars can give gas-powered sports cars a run for their money, even though the California automaker's cars are all safe, roomy, practical family haulers.

Lucid, much like Rivian, has been smart to follow Tesla's lead by taking to Twitter to share its cars with the world. However, with these other EV startups, it's not really their CEOs sharing the message, but rather, the official company account.

At any rate, Lucid delivered a very nice, positive, and seemingly heartfelt Thanksgiving message in the form of a short video clip. It reminds us that we can't all be together, but we can always be there for one another. It seems the automaker is banking on the future hope of getting back to a more unified and giving America. Lucid is doing its part to help people in need, and all of us who have the resources should follow suit. Lucid shares:

“This Thanksgiving, we can’t all be together, but we can still be there for each other. We’re working with local food banks to share over 500 lbs of turkey with families in need. May you and yours have a happy Thanksgiving."


The Alameda County Community Food Bank retweeted the Lucid video with the following message:

“We’re so grateful for the support of our community. Our friends at @LucidMotors donated dozens of turkeys just in time (for) Thanksgiving. Thank you, Lucid Motors, for helping us start the holiday season on a healthy note."

While the message here is what's most important, Lucid used it to show off its Air electric car's roomy trunk and frunk. Check out the brief video to see just how many turkeys the Air might accommodate.

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