Tesla seemed almost forced to announce something big at its recent Battery Day event. Of course, the whole battery situation is already big news, but people want something flashy, something new, something more tangible, and something that will come relatively soon.

In the months leading up to Battery Day, there was a ton of speculation about what might be revealed. However, the Tesla Model S Plaid seemed to be at the top of the list. Perhaps Tesla took notice and tacked it onto the agenda without really figuring anything out. Clearly, the specs were just to outclass Lucid.

When the Model S Plaid was first announced, CEO Elon Musk talked about bringing back the rear-facing "jump" seats. They were available in earlier Model S vehicles to accommodate kids in the rear hatch. However, the option for these seats isn't currently showing on Tesla's website when you attempt to order the Plaid. Musk did reply to a tweet suggesting they may (or may not) become available.


Taking it a step further, if you look at the original images of the Model S Plaid caught testing at the 'Ring, it looks beastly. It makes sense that the car would be lowered and have flares and wide rear tires, which set it up specifically to attempt to break records.

Tesla Model S Plaid Spied

However, many people expected that beefy Model S. Meanwhile, the Plaid showing on Tesla's website looks rather "normal."

Tesla Model S Plaid in Red

What do you think of the Model S Plaid? Do you think Tesla has it all figured out? Will it offer jump seats? Will there be an optional version that's much more "track-ready." Let us know in the comment section below.

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