In the good old times, like 2019, when we were able to estimate U.S. plug-in car sales data more precisely, Tesla was responsible for more than half of the market (including around 80% of BEVs). Is that still the case?

We believe that Tesla's position in its home market is still dominant, and most likely has not changed much, as the new Model Y strengthened the offer significantly.

According to Buy Shares' estimation, using various also not too precise sales data, Tesla captured more than 81% of the U.S. BEV segment in the first half of 2020.

The numbers are:

  • Total BEVs: 87,398
  • Tesla: 71,375 (81.7%)

Tesla Model 3 is the most popular model with over 38,000 sales, followed by 18,861 Model Y, although - to be honest - we are dubious whether those are the correct values. Model Y results seem to be inflated, especially compared to results in California.


In an additional graphic, Buy Shares notes that as of August 19, 2020, Tesla was worth $350 billion (market cap), which is more than other major manufacturers:

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