Some people have voiced concerns that the unique materials and design of the Tesla Cybertruck could make it unsafe. More specifically, since it's made of stainless steel in the form of an exoskeleton, it may not have adequate crumple zones. HyberChange founder and host Gali Russell admits he shares these concerns.

Russell did a lengthy interview with Sandy Munro not long ago. It's linked below for those interested in watching the whole thing. However, the above HyperClips video just focuses on the part of the interview during which Munro addresses the above safety concerns. He's confident Tesla wouldn't produce the Cybertruck in a way that is unsafe.

Munro says that it doesn't matter what vehicle you're designing and how innovative it is, you still have to follow the same design process and computer-aided safety evaluations. Tesla will have a goal to make the Cybertruck perform well in crash tests, not only because it has to perform well and be approved for homologation, but also because it has a reputation to uphold.

Basically, this means Tesla will put the Cybertruck through a multitude of computer simulations, just like it does with its other vehicles. It will also crash-test the electric pickup truck in-house. If something isn't right, the automaker will be compelled to make it right. Munro says the reason he's so sure of this is that Tesla already overdesigns its vehicles. This is likely why the Model 3 received the lowest probability of injury ratings every recorded by NHTSA.

Interestingly, Russell asserts that Tesla's tendency to overdesign is a good thing. However, Munro reminds him that you have to make a profit on your cars, so there has to come a point that you don't get so carried away.

Video Description via HyperClips on YouTube:

Will The Cybertruck Exoskeleton Impact Crash Safety? W/ Sandy Munro

In this clip, Gali asks Sandy Munro (CEO of Munro & Associates, Inc) if the exoskeleton of the Cybertruck impacts how it crashes in comparison to other vehicles.

Original date of video: May 7, 2020
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