Elon Musk hinted on Twitter that the number of Tesla Cybertruck pre-orders reached 200,000 (as of November 24), which shows a pretty decent rate of new reservations.

The first official report was 146,000 on November 23, within 48 hours since unveiling on November 21, and the second was 187,000 on November 24. Several hours later it was 200,000.

Placing a reservation does not require a lot - just a$100 deposit and filling out an online form, so it should keep growing and maybe double this year.


The first report about 146,000 revealed which versions are the most popular:

  • Single motor: 17% (24,820)
  • Dual motor: 42% (61,320)
  • Tri motor: 41% (59,860)

Assuming similar proportions to 200,000, the pre-orders bring potential revenue of:

  • Single motor (34,000 for $39,900): $1.36 billion (0.12% fo total)
  • Dual motor (84,000 for $49,900): $4.19 billion (37.1% fo total)
  • Tri motor (82,000 for $69,900): $5.73 billion (50.8% fo total)
  • Total: $11.28 billion (comparable to Q2 + Q3 2019 revenues of S+X+3)

The amount of potential sales of Tri and Dual motor versions clearly shows us which versions Tesla will focus on first. Production will start from Tri and then be joined by the Dual version. The Single motor version probably should not be expected earlier than at least a year after the first Tri deliveries.


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