Cybertruck videos are coming out in droves.

We've already shared several Tesla Cybertruck videos. In fact, last night, prior to the beginning of the debut event, our livestream post offered several "pre-show" videos, which proved immensely popular. It's always cool to see the usual Tesla YouTubers/influencers interacting at these events. The Tesla community is definitely extremely engaged and connected.

Now that the event is behind us, many more videos are streaming in. Of course, some are just videos of the event itself, with footage of the happenings before the show, Elon Musk and the official event on stage, and the test drives afterward.

However, other videos provide more information and opinions about the truck itself. Obviously you clicked on this article to watch some videos, so without further ado, check them out below. If you have a favorite that we haven't yet shared, please drop a link in the comment section.

As always, we look forward to your opinions and insight. What do you really think of the Tesla Cybertruck?

Video Description via What's Inside? Family on YouTube (video above):

Tesla Cybertruck Event: Is this Real?

My experience of Tesla Cybertruck Event last night, watch the madness of this event and first rides.

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