According to South Korean media, SK Innovation has secured from global banks a "green loan" of 800 billion won ($657 million) for upcoming battery-related investments.

The plan is to increase manufacturing capacity of both - lithium-ion cells and battery materials, especially the battery separators (LiBS).

"A green loan is a financing of investment for the development of "green growth," which aims to promote economic growth while focusing on reducing the use of natural resources."

SK Innovation is currently busy with several projects simultaneously, which would explain a huge appetite for financing:

SK Innovation production capacity roadmap:

  • Today: around 5 GWh annually
  • by the end of 2019: 20 GWh annually
  • 2020: 40 GWh annually
  • 2022: 60 GWh annually
  • 2025: 100 GWh annually and an order backlog of 700 GWh


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