New versus old. That's what we'll call this matchup of Teslas.

The mightiest of the older Model S against the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual-Motor.

On paper, the Model S easily takes the win in this sibling matchup. However, paper results don't always hold up in the real world of drag racing.

In the near lane is the Model 3. In the far lane is the Model S. Both appear to get solid starts, but the Model S quickly jumps out to take the lead. The end result, though a bit hard to see due to the shaky camera on long zoom, shows the Model S capturing the win.

There's a bonus second race that follows and the whole video includes some color commentary be a couple of geeked kids. Give it a watch. It'll lighten your day/

Video description via Ryan Hanson on YouTube:

Model S - P85D Ludicrous

Model 3 - Dual Motor long range


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