In May 2019, Tesla sold in the U.S. some 16,350 electric cars (InsideEVs’ estimation), which is 82% more than a year earlier!

There is no sign of a demand problem for the brand, but as we can see on particular models, the S and X are experiencing decrease (especially the S), while the Model 3 more than doubles:

Tesla results:

Tesla represents some 58% of total plug-in electric car sales in the U.S. in May.


In the case of the all-electric car segment, Tesla’s share is 77%!


In total, Tesla already sold more than 409,000 cars in the U.S. and the Model 3 is the top-selling car with a cumulative result of almost 188,000.

Sales during the past 12-months amounted close to 217,000.


Sales results of particular models:

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