Learn about some issues with Tesla door handles and how they can be fixed.

Back in February, Car Guru from Rich Rebuilds shared a video about how to fix common problems with Tesla's door handles. He repaired the issue in an attempt to appease his wife. However, the repair may need to be done repeatedly. Fortunately, Chris from EV Tuning Solutions noticed the video and has been working on a permanent solution.

The good news is ... the fix has arrived. The above video explains the situation and shares the new permanent repair. Below, you can check out EV Tuning Solution's webpage related to the video.

Video Description via Rich Rebuilds on YouTube:

In this episode, we discuss the common failures of the Tesla door handles and the permanent fix for them


Also, watch Rich Rebuilds' previous video on the topic below. Included at the bottom of the page is another link to the EV Tuning Solutions site if you'd like to purchase the Tesla Model S door handle repair kit:

You can view and purchase the Tesla Model S door handle repair kit by clicking here.

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