New Tesla Roadster To Get “Special Option Package That Takes It To Next Level”

Elon Musk


Because 0 to 60 MPH in 1.9 seconds just isn’t quite quick enough, right?

According to Tesla CEO Elon Musk, that 1.9-second dash comes standard in the base Roadster, but there’s more performance available in a “special option package.”

Musk took to Twitter in the overnight hours to make this new revelation. Here’s the tweet:

Musk Tweet On New Tesla Roadster

The base model Roadster boasts these already-impressive specs:

  • 7,376 pound-feet of torque
  • 0-60 mph in 1.9 seconds – quickest production car in the world.
  • 0-100 mph in 4.2 seconds.
  • Quarter mile in 8.8 seconds
  • 250+ mph top speed.
  • 620 miles of highway range.

How much “next level” is there? 0 to 60 MPH in perhaps 1.7 seconds. 10,000 pound-feet of torque maybe? With the base Tesla Roadster already raising the bar, we can’t even begin to imagine how much higher it goes with the performance-enhancing “special option package.”

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I really wonder how they’d make it even faster. That is without putting a rocket engine on it 😀

I think they’re using a new strain of a Genetically Modified Steroids…..ha!.

I think Rockstar Games may have a problem with that kind of infringement.

Think submarine… 😉

The most interesting part of the Tesla Roadster is the 200 kWh battery pack.

Will this 200 kWh battery pack also be used in other Tesla EV models?

A Tesla Model S or a Tesla Model X with such a 200 kWh battery pack will have a range of roundabout 500 miles (800 km).

Just imagine what would happen to the demand of the Tesla Model S and the Tesla Model X.

It would be the end of the “ICE car age”… and I feel fine ?

NO, they will just double the gas tank size. This will double their range.

“DUAL TANKS” + $200 for every fill Up..

Stupidest comment ever. That extra fuel being carried around will decrease fuel efficiency even though it’s not even needed for 99% of journeys. And that extra big fuel tank will come out of cabin/storage space. Extremely few people need a car that can do over 1000 miles between fill ups.

Doesn’t that apply to the extra batteries to get to 200?

It sure does. I bet there is a performance reason for the large battery pack, though.

Not at all! For many people the 100kWh pack with its 400km real range and 40min recharge time is still not enough.

Many people would want to pay extra money for the 200 kWh battery pack option.

Does it need the extra weight just to keep it on the ground??


The longer range will be very practical.

Someone didnt get the joke…

Until it can outperform a 918 Spyder on the track it will always be considered a curiosity by the supercar cognoscenti.

You sound like those business men in the 90’s that thought the internet would never replace the functionality of a phone book.. It’s just a matter of time before a 918 Spyder will look like a steam engine with a side of Quiche in comparison..

Well the weight of the battery is the only obstacle. Keep in mind the Neo EP9 already slaughters a 918 at the Nurburgring. So lots of potential.

EP9 is neither a production car nor even a street legal car. So there is no comparability between these two cars. Just like you can’t make a production sport car compare with a Formula one car. Beside, EV is not some real high-tech staff. Torque is the nature advantage of an EV. But an EV like Tesla Roadster is inevitably heavy so that it will never be one of the fastest cars in a track like Nurburgring. Another disadvantage of EV compare with ICEV is top-speed. If you don’t need long range performance then an EV will be a lot faster when it get rip of heavy battery pack. Perhaps it can do 1-2 laps in Nurburgring for a single charge… But what’s the point here? Simply put, neither EVs nor ICEVs are the true winners. It just depends on what you need.

“Slaughters”, a 6:45.9 vs. a 6:56?

I think it’s more about the 918 really being a gas car, since its ~6.8KWh (“usable”) battery performance is more about kinetic energy, than range.

I’m starting to think there won’t be a “best compromise” car. Battery weight may be too much an obstacle for tracks, and PHEVs with anemic range are inappropriate for the street. It’s better EVs slow down, for the sake of endurance, and we learn how to lighten them up.

I don’t get the quiche thing, is that because manly men don’t eat quiche?

@Al said: “Until it can outperform a 918 Spyder on the track it will always be considered a curiosity by the supercar cognoscenti.”

Tesla a few months ago assigned (hired) to the Roadster Project a professional high performance race driver… his job is to validate the Roadster does exactly that and more. He is the guy behind the wheel doing the Tesla Roadster test drives at the Roadster launch event… he was not an ordinary Tesla employee.

Typo: “Roaster” should read “Roadster”

The Tesla Roaster has a nice ring to it.

I made that mistake too, and thought, hey that’s pretty good.

OP… please don’t correct typo.

heeh, ok we won’t, (=

I am going to call it Roaster from now on. No need for the 2.0 suffix.

I’m waiting for a Tesla Toaster that can give me toast in 1.9 secs.


Is he the Stig?

Tesla have hireed a race driver to test the roadster…
Ok, then it for sure will be the quickest on the race track.
Strange that Porsche, Ferrari and the likes did not have the same idea.
Hire a race driver – how brilliant…

“the supercar cognoscenti”- you mean the embarrassed fools spending million[s] on a
car that gets blown off by this thing?

The Roadster can beat the Spyder just like the NIO EP9 EV already did this year.

The 918 was a nice car, but less than 1000 918’s were sold in the 3 years it was for sale before being discontinued, and it had very little impact on the rest of supercar/hypercar sales.

What will a discontinued used car that will be 5+ years old have to do with future new Tesla Roadster sales in 2020?

Well, you know what they say: if it’s worth over doing, it’s worth over over over doing.

We started out trying to save the planet. We ended up building dragsters.

Musk understands you will not save the planet unless most people see EV’s as not a compromise. Compelling is the word he uses over and over.

I can’t say what Musk knows. But I can say that anybody who thinks we will “save the planet” without compromising our obscene standard of living is a fool.

Truth, plain & simple. My lifestyle has been pared down over 20 yrs simply by asking myself ‘do I NEED this or just WANT it’.
Basic question, profound changes. Fashion & facile go together very well.

Like the statement

Since I have retired, I already have everything I need.

So now, my only question is: “Do I WANT it?”

We possibly are at the cusp of a new era of a sustainable industrial era. It’s not impossible.

Autonomous industrial robots paired with autonomous cargo hauling and shipping with autonomous robotics filling in all the gaps in between. This includes mining raw materials all the way to recycling materials at end of life from whatever products. Autonomous farming practices and food distribution, etc. Autonomous construction of factories that build the various autonomous robots needed to do all of this.

And all this running on solar, wind, hydro and possibly by the end of this century fusion power.

There is a lot that could go wrong before we achieve this but it is no longer science fiction when we are close to having level 5 autonomous cars and advanced task robots that companies like Boston Dynamics are creating.

For example.

You forgot the pony. There must be a pony in there, somewhere. 🙂

Why do you feel firing nearly everybody from their jobs and having robots take over makes manufacturing and consumerism “sustainable”? It likely makes the problem worse.

What problem? We don’t need or want people toiling away at meaningless tasks.

If a robot can do it, let’s have the robot do it.

Musk understands you will not save the planet unless most people see ICE as a compromise.

Most of the stuff coming out of Tesla these days is virtue signaling at its worst. It’s the automotive equivalent of a caramel latte that saves the world with a rainforest alliance stamp on the cup.

What are you talking about?? At the end of the day, Tesla produces products that with the ultimate goal of being better for everyone. That theorem also applies in performance, too. And I think Elon’s correct when he believes the only way to convert the masses is to pry their ICE-mobiles from their cold, dead hands. And the only way to do it is by EV’s beating ICE in EVERY single category, from aesthetics to performance to range. He’s systematically removing every single argument from the ICE table.

Humans globally are attracted to the shiniest, newest object, and have the attention span of young children. The only way to capture (and keep) their attention is by continuously evolving and staying relevant. It’s the world we live in, Tesla simply operates in it. And once they capture the attention of the masses long enough then the novelty becomes the norm.

Yeah? How about he beat the economy car? How about he works on beating that category? How about he beats the pickup truck category? Not that ridiculous thing he showed off at this latest weenie swinging event, but a real down to earth, affordable, useable work truck. How about an SUV people can afford?

In short, how about beating the categories that ordinary Americans utilize that don’t make over six figures a year? The short answer is, Elon is not really interested in those things because it’s clear he likes fancy shiny things and doesn’t like limitations.

He is leaving the ‘economy car’ to the Chinese & Indian markets. And they are doing it very well.

Really? How come I can’t buy one if they are doing so well? Why would he leave something so important to others to do? Does Tesla not have the skills needed to pull off a quality economy car?

Come to UK, you can get BYD e6 for £45/week on PCP
Or you can get Indian Range Rover Plug-in from 2019, or Indian Jaguar I-pace or whatever it’s called

The economy car market is going to disappear in the US. Eaten up by autonomous ride sharing. The only reason Ford and GM make economy cars is to meet fuel standards, they aren’t money makers.

Tesla really would like to make money some day, making economy cars isn’t the way to do that, presuming we could even agree on what an “economy car” is. You appear to think it is a car that is cheap to buy, others might consider it a car that is cheap to operate.

When Tesla introduced the original Roadster it forced the big automakers to develop EV’s. This lead to the Nissan Leaf. In 2016 I bought a used 2013 Leaf SV with 16k miles, for $8000.

Think of it as a tax on rich people that they are glad to pay.

So I guess it will be called “Plaid+” mode where your face gets to look like bad plastic surgeon job for a few seconds.

I wonder how the thousands of Model 3 customers who put a thousand dollars down waiting so long for their cars that still are not being built and sold to customers yet… I wonder how they feel right now that Mr Musk has managed to completely ignore the Model 3 crisis and divert all attention to getting those cars delivered with his semi truck and roadster hype. Maybe a little forgotten? Neglected?

Do you expect the designers who worked on the Roadster to join the workers on the assembly line to speed up M3 manufacturing?
Or should Tesla send them on unpaid vacation till the waiting list of M3 buyers has gone down?

Yeah, maybe Musk should quit working on SpaceX too until the Model 3 is cranking out?

Day one reservation holder here.



Excited about parallel task execution across segments by Tesla….YES!

Where is my “parallel task execution” Tesla model Y reveal? I want to plunk down my preorder deposit, like everyone else has been able to do lately, on all the other Tesla “coming soon” game changing EVs.

Back of the list…Hope NOT!

I doubt it. Wise customers on the Model 3 waiting list know the pre-orders for the Semi and Roadster are giving Tesla some of the extra money they need to ramp up Model 3 production without asking for additional loans.

Tesla knows its future depends on Model 3, but their stock price and public image are based on future products. By continuing to revveal exciting future products, they bouy stock prices and can allocate cashflow to Model 3.

I am a reservation holder and I feel very happy.

Full focus is on the Model 3 ramp up for anyone involved. But there are plenty of teams not involved in the Model 3 that are doing a great job in parallell.

I am also happy to see them working on new stuff so that they can continue to grow.

For every model in production there should be a new model being worked on.

So for the S, X and 3…that is 2½ models in production. At the same time we have the semi, roadster and soon the Model Y (once Model 3 production is running more smoothly).

Happy days for reservation holders.

And the pickup, and delivery truck based on the pickup in process.

As a day one reservation holder. Im excited over the unveiling of the Roadster and Tesla semi. Musk reiterated that the goal was to smackdown fossil fuels. Im cool with that goal and I highly doubt Tesla is ignoring the model 3. By working on the model 3 production they are also
learning how to automate production for the Roadster and semi. Getting more money for the company also kinda helps with model 3 production until it can fully ramp up. Tesla has been late in the past but they have always eventually come through with the product. They are just a little behind compared to the x so far which was not unexpected so I am keeping calm bec I’ll be getting me a Tesla.

@Tim said: “I wonder how the thousands of Model 3 customers who put a thousand dollars down waiting so long for their cars that still are not being built and sold to customers yet…”

My daily driver is a Model S…. I”ve let my neighbor borrow it a few times while I was traveling out of town and he ended up becoming a Day One Models 3 reservation holder. Morning after the Roadster reveal he was at my front door with a huge grin in his face waniting to talk about the Roadster.. he could not stop talking about it… basically it made him even more excited about Tesla and getting his Model 3. Go figure.

I’m fine, thank you

I am super excited we can expect Model 3 future options like Megacharger, 200 KWh battery, high resistance front window and see our car delivered by an electric semi truck.

I’m awaiting my Model 3. Like many others, I believe in what Musk is doing and understand his strategies for getting there. The Roadster is meant to be s kick in the ass to the ice manufacturers, a s*** across the bow. I’m fine with waiting if it helps the transition to electric.

I!m fine, thanks.

Another Euro point of view (improved version)

Cool !

Seems like Teslas focus nowadays is only on performance and no more on evironmentally friendly cars (from weight, materials, consumption). I have never heard Tesla say: “this is awesome as this does save energy or reduces the impact on the environment”, its only “we now can accelerate 0-60 not only in 2,1s but 1,9s”… hope it will not stay like that

Normal people laugh at “environmentally friendly cars” so Tesla is doing the right thing: make EV’s cool.

I am normal. I plan to sell my house in 2020.

Only if you say so!

Yes. That’s what all the “normal” people say.

I know, but down in the O.C., this is obviously starting to become the “NEW” Normal!

Why? So you can afford one of these Roadsters?

How cool do they need to be before they get down to the hard work of offering low cost BEVs for people making five figure incomes? Were the Model S and Model X not cool enough?

This Roadster and the fact that there is “even more awesome” shows where Elon’s head really is and that’s OK. If I were a billionaire I would want to build fancy things for myself too. I just don’t expect to see Tesla building a car to compete head to head with the Kia Rio anytime soon. Just not Elon’s interest.

That would not be cool.

So, how many BMW, Merc, Audi are there that compete with the Kia Rio? Tesla is playing in the luxury and mid luxury market at the moment. Let’s see what happens after the Model 3 is fully ramped, and maybe after Model Y. I hope they spin up some more Gigafactory and then spin off a different brand to tackle the low end of the auto markets. Or maybe just use Tesla brand. But I’m sure they will get to budget vehicles eventually, especially if others don’t.
And Nissan has that space covered, and Tesla can’t keep up with the demand at the moment, so no real pressure for them to go into budget brand space yet.

Marketing for the Tesla Roadster, in 2008, was a slogan: “Burn Rubber, Not Gas!”.

When did they say ever they will build a car more efficient than a Mitsubishi iMiEV, for example?

They know that few Tesla Model S drivers will Want to drive 155 Mph, but it knowing it CAN do that, is enought to create a Value Mind Set for them, with a direct benefit of them then not using Gas or Diesel to do their Commutes, and long distance travels (Via the Supercharger Network)!

My Roadster, although it would quickly accelerate (verified the 3.9 secs to 60), never did break traction, unlike the Bolt ev I own which does it usually twice.

To me all this is sending the car off in a wrong-headed direction.

I’ve only limited interest in the car since I’ll never be able to afford the new one. I thought EV’s were supposed to get more affordable as time goes on.

No mention has been made in any of these ‘releases’ of Reliability – a Tesla sore spot.

As far as gasoline consumption, my Roadster used far more gasoline than any other vehicle I’ve ever owned. It only was electric while I was driving it.

The many, many flatbed trips to the nearest service center and back saw to that.

I would guess the special option package is some tire/wheel/suspension combo to increase traction.

The alpha at the unveil was clearly struggling for traction, when compared to watching P100D launch.

The new Roadster has the power, but is too light to put it all down on the road! Needs some extra Lead (Lead Acid Batteries?) For more weight over the tires!

I was hoping for “Ludicrous / Plaid Plus” (Extreme PreLaunch) tire warmers, instead of the usual steering wheel warmer.

If you increase the weight of the car to improve traction, you also increase the mass of the car that must be accelerated. The two effects cancel each other out. Actually, the increased pressure can affect the tire material so that its traction is reduced.

The only way to increase the downward force and thus traction without increasing the mass is with the addition of aerodynamic forces, which you only get at high speeds, so they are irrelevant to acceleration from a standstill… unless Tesla were to add powered propellers to push the car down.

Article OP said: “How much “next level” is there? 0 to 60 MPH in perhaps 1.7 seconds…”

In part it is dependent on determining what stress levels both the human body (physiologically) and the Roadster (mechanically) can repeatedly withstand… yet undetermined. But yes ~1.7ish seems like a warm guess… perhaps 1 tick down… 1.6ish

The question is how many(and why) people need so fast cars?

Very, very, very, very few. Any bets on how soon after actual production of the Roadster we see the reports of the first fatalities in the Roadster? There are bragging rights, but there are also adrenaline junkies with tons of cash that will buy a car like this to actually test the limits and when you do that, things tend to go sideways.

Are you questioning the existence of all exotic car manufacturers or you just don’t like Tesla? Don’t answer that, troll!

A concern troll worried about all those rich millionaire exotic car owners.

I predict a sensor in the headrest to limit acceleration until the car is sure your neck is supported. Those G forces will cause injury otherwise.

“How many people need fast cars”? Apparently only those executives in Silicon Valley, Wall St, or the Hamptons.. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if this car ultimately is made in fewer numbers than the original Roadster – which was at the limit of affordability for me personally. Musk quite obviously doesn’t want this car to sell in any numbers. And Tesla Pricing has the bad habit of increasing after the release, as many others have mentioned. Item: Roadster $89,000+, at first sale $109,000+ Item: Model S: $50-60K, ultimately, only a few percent were sold at this price. X I honestly forget what it is supposed to cost, but plenty sell now for $133K. Item: Model 3: Was going to be $35K, however people are now matter-of-factly calling it a $50,000 to $70,000 car – commenters say “Of COURSE it costs $50,000 – its not some cheapie BOLT or anything like that!”. So if anyone is actually planning on budgeting $200k or $250K plus tax and destination fees for this car, they better put some more away since there will certainly be mandatory yearly maintenance fees (as there were for the Original Roadster). But that leaves the door wide open… Read more »

It’s hard to imagine improving on these specs without increasing the risk of bodily harm. They should just throw in some Viagra and call it a day.

Just wondering, what happens to the times when a mirror is added to the car? Or will they go with small cameras?
Also I hope they produce a less expensive version of the Roadster to compete with the Corvette. Maybe a smaller battery.

The reason the battery is so big is that such a size is needed to supply 1500 HP, not to mention the weight is needed for traction. Smaller battery, less power. The range is a side effect.

Magnetic Bose type suspension for the super extra version would be cool.

First of all, is the 1.9 for 0-60 mph or 0-100 kph? Because there *is* a difference. If for kph, then 0-60 mph is already ~1.8 s.

I think the next upgrade is for its 1/4 miles and 0-100mph time.

Some suspension improvement/brake improvement can be part of the upgrade as well.

But for the price, it is already a darn good bargain. Every high performance Roadster maker should have sleepless night…

I just don’t know what I’d do with 0-60 faster than 1.9 seconds that doesn’t involve getting arrested.

There is no legal limit on acceleration but you have to stop accelerating once you reach the speed limit. There are two exception though, the autobahn where speed is free, and private property where you are free to do whatever you want except perhaps passing Mach 1 which could send a sonic boom to your neighbors which will then react with joy and enthusiasm if they are exceptional or with anger if they are boring ordinary.

Really hope Tesla gets its production going on the 3. I’d hate to see them fail and get taken over by GM, which would make Teslas just badge engineered Buicks. Then Bob Lutz would really have a good laugh.

Not even remotely gonna happen! Too many deep pocketed supporters that want this to succeed.

Once the 18650 contract is up, I see 130 kWh and up for Models S and X using these 2170s.

A 200kWh battery with megachargers definitely solves freeway travel. On a car it allows a 900mi (1450km) trip with only one 30min stop in between!