More BMW iX3 Spy Shots Pop Up One Year Before Launch

JAN 3 2019 BY MARK KANE 30

Here is a new set of BMW iX3 spy photos

The upcoming BMW iX3 is currently undergoing various road tests to be ready for market launch around 2020 as the first BMW based on the new 5th generation drivetrain. This, of course, creates an opportunity for us to take a look at the prototypes, caught during those tests (see gallery below).

The iX3 is still partially camouflaged, but in general, it seems that BMW is following a similar route as Mercedes-Benz with its EQC. The iX3 will be only slightly different from the X3 on the exterior.

Production of the iX3 is planned in China by BMW Brilliance Automotive.

BMW iX3 specs

  • 70 kWh battery
  • 400 km (250 miles) of WLTP range
  • 200 kW electric motor
  • 150 kW DC fast charging
Spy-Shots of Cars
This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K
8 photos
Spy-Shots of Cars
This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars
This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars
This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars
This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars
This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars
This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K Spy-Shots of Cars
This image has been optimized for a calibrated screen with a Gamma of 2.2 and a colour temperature of 6500°K
BMW Concept iX3
15 photos
BMW Concept iX3

Credit: Automedia

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Where’s Ford or GM EVs spyshots

being developed, slowly.

The film was sent to the local drugstore, and our pics should be ready in 5 to 7 working days. Or, you know, much, much longer.

Yeah, don’t hold your breath….. They’re supposedly converting the whole company over to electrics, meanwhile they lay-off battery workers and close assembly plants where plug-ins are made. Geniuses….. Barra will probably be exercising her multitudinous stock-options prior to GM’s stock tanking in the basement.

Looks better than the I3, but then that was an extremely low bar.
Oooh, and 4 actual doors. I’m sold.

Don’t laugh. I guarantee that there’s a sizable number of drivers in the US who won’t consider an EV until they can get one with a BMW logo. For them, a non-BMW EV is a toy or a quirky market experiment, but one from BMW is a (booming voice) Real Car.

(I once upon a time owned a red 325is, which I loved and hated having to sell for reasons that had nothing to do with the car. The BMW customer base is, to say the least, “different”.)

That doesn’t make me laugh, it makes me want to cry.
Hopefully they choose not have progeny, but I would imagine that hope has already been dashed..

I agree 100%, I’m also waiting for BMW i4… I really don’t see myself spending money on another brand than BMW brand but that’s not to say others are bad but I connect well with the brand. I have however considered Jaguar I-Pace even after being said it consumes too much and I’ve never considered a Jaguar before. I think this is the same as Tesla fans that will never see anything good being done by other brands no matter what. Brand connection. I am also waiting to see what Volvo will do, it’s unfortunate Lexus has no interest.

I’m not sold. It will likely weigh at least 1,500 lb. more than our i3, will be made of rust-prone steel rather than light, strong, corrosion-resistant CFRP/aluminum/thermoplastic, will have a larger exterior but its interior will likely feel more cramped and less airy than that of an i3, and will suffer from the usual ICE conversion packaging inefficiencies.

However, for those who need it, it will carry 5 passengers, might be able to tow, and might offer a 4WD option eventually.

I’ve always liked the i3’s funky techno hatchback style, it works. Though yes four real doors would have been a lot better.

I went from a BMW X3 to an i3. I find the size of the i3 to be perfect for my commuting needs. As a former SUV owner, I still am baffled why the form factor seems to be so popular here in the US. The one thing that was nice was additional visibility due to the ride height, but I find the i3 visibility just fine.

Yes, I too don’t like the reverse pendulum effect you get with an SUV.
Any road bump and your head height in the SUV makes it magnified 3x.
I pity the poor fools riding around in Pickup’s. They must be punch drunk by the time they get home.

Also, the ride track is too narrow and does not feel secure at highway+ speeds.
The typical X3, rides closer to a bus than a sports car.
Sure it has great power, on perfect wide roads with no traffic it might be fun.
But, the i3 is fun in cities, suburbs, exurbs the country and on the highway at 75. It can’t fly around at 99+ mph though.

How many years is this conversion car going to be in development? I guess they don’t want to actually sell it, or maybe they don’t have a supply of batteries lined up yet.

What’s the big cutout between the headlights for? Is it like Pontiac-style body cladding that doesn’t serve any actual purpose?

Often referred as the duel toilet seat emblem or kidney.

Cooling and design image (brand recognition).
Nice place to put radars and other sensors as well. So they’re not so exposed to dust and dirt. The radiator will also work as a heater for sensors so they will not be clogged by snow and ice in areas with a winter season.
Personally, I think it could have looked better if they scaled the kidney grill down a bit.
They will sell many of these, since many people like both BMW and SUVs.
I expect they have thought about this a lot, since it is the first in their new series of EVs to come. It will probably come with several specs and price ranges.

Let me see if I understand this correctly, the plan is to hammer these things out in a communist country (Made in China) with less than 200 miles of real world range, slap a Roundel on it and hope for the best? Still over a year out and worse specs than this years Kona EV. Shame on you BMW for abandoning the great progress of the CFRP i3 line for this poor excuse for a compliance car.

How long did you have to drive this super-secret mini station wagon by the pressers with a giant sign on the side saying “Electric Test Vehicle” before one could be bothered to take the shot? What a disappointment. Keep it up BMW and my first BMW purchase (i3s) will be my last!

I suspect if they make a standard version of the Model Y it will be similar specs.

The mid range 3 is about 62kWh. I think the i3X range likely sits inbetween the mid and long versions of the Y (assuming that’s what they call them). In any case, enough in common with the Y to be crossshopped. I would imagine that the i3X is a little bigger and the model Y has a little denser battery.

WLTP range is close to real driving in Europe. BMW i3 did a bit better than the spec in a close to real test made by a Spanish magazine.
If you just look at raw specs, BMW and other called premium cars would sell close to zero because they’re considerable more expensive for the same specs, sometimes even inferior.
The most expensive smartphone that sell more than a few units is made in China.
Jaguar i-pace with all the critics from the Tesla crowd is selling more than model X in a few markets – in the Netherlands alone sold more than S and X together.
I wouldn’t disregard BMW so fast. Tesla fanboys might have a surprise ;).

I’m not a Tesla fan, hopefully one day but not there yet. I actually just completed the BMW performance driving school in Spartanburg, great times. I’ll admit that did soften me up to BMW a little (and I highly recommend that experience whether you like BMW or not). That being said, for many of the same reasons I am still skeptical of Tesla, a car is not a cell phone. What goes into proper engineering and assembly of a vehicle takes more of a skill set than pressing off comparably simple cell phones with a ~ 2 year designed lifespan. I think BMW has the engineering side pretty well taken care of. It’s the production quality that I really question. Some reports say China is reverting to full on communism right now, the bad kind. Manufacturers are leaving China, their economy and GDP are taking a pretty hard hit. Whether or not they gathered enough wealth in their “kinda-sorta capitalist” pivot period to get where they really want to go is questionable. We are not dealing with the budding industrial manufacturing might of Korea circa ~10 years ago or Japan circa ~20 years ago. More like Lada cars of the… Read more »

I bought my i3 back in 2014, it has been an excellent car, and I still have it. But I got sick of BMW first having no signs of progress after the i3. And then showing the iX3 which is based on the current X3, and will basically be 3 years old when it finally goes on sale. Test drive the Jaguar I-Pace, I just got one in December. It drives like an enthusiast’s car should, so it almost instantly felt familiar.

The i4 may interest you.

I think it’s too bad they didn’t keep the pressure on the design department back when they released the i3, since we should have had an i4 and an i5. Then they could have started with the rest they do now. I loved the i3 I had, both the firm and quick ride, the interior and the materials it was made from. As an engineer watching the i3 being made on YouTube was borderline porn. I’m sure cost is a main factor for using steel. As for Kona. . It’s still a KIA. (Which may be good in quality and all, but brands and brand names are important for many). It’s like saying: why did you buy a Rolex/Breitling/Omega (add more famous expensive brands) when you can get a Casio or a Swatch that is equally good at keeping the correct time. There is a huge demand for an EV like this, and you can be sure it will sell well. CFRP would have been a super material to make it in, but it would cost a bit more. BMW may have had issues with a potential low profit margin for this SUV, and were afraid to add cost to… Read more »

“As an engineer watching the i3 being made on YouTube was borderline porn.” – Agreed!

$20k above ICE X3 would make it around $70k.

It should be an excellent car, I base that on my experience being a repeat BMW owner, and an i3 owner. But because BMW is taking forever to follow up the i3, and the iX3 will basically be a 3 year old design when it launches, I’ve gone elsewhere. First, a not so successful attempt with a Tesla, and now I’ve just got the Jaguar I-Pace. My i3 started out as a secondary car, but quickly took over as my primary driver as I quickly fell in love with electric performance. And so far my I-Pace has been absolutely amazing. I’ve also come to the conclusion that the I-Pace is a sports car/SUV crossover.

I doubt his can get 400 km WLTP range out of a 70 kWh battery. Seems very similar in size to the e-tron, maybe even a bit taller (=more drag at high speeds).

Time will tell, but for the sake of development – I hope the fifth generation drive units will be more energy efficient (they are smaller, lighter and the electronics is improved as well. They have had a LOT of time to develop this drivetrain.. they must have kept the engineers busy ever since the i3 was released.

I would think this is slightly smaller then the e-tron.. but there will be drag for sure. Will be interesting to see how this and other new EVs in 2019-2020. The smaller EVs from the PSA group will also be interesting to see how well they have integrated the drive unit.

If the lack of camo is a guide looks close to ready.

Sept 2019?