Mercedes-Benz E-Class Diesel PHEV Launches In UK


New £47,700 E 300de bucks the trend for eco-friendly plug-in hybrids by eschewing petrol.

Mercedes has launched a plug-in hybrid version of its E-Class executive saloon that teams an electric motor with a diesel engine.

The decision to opt for diesel power bucks the trend among plug-in hybrids, which tend to use petrol engines. Popular models including the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV and Toyota Prius Plug-In both fire up gasoline engines when the batteries run flat.

However, Mercedes says the new E 300 de, which is available as a Saloon or an Estate, combines “the ultimate combination of diesel’s long-distance efficiency and frugality with the emissions-free running of electricity.”

Under the newcomer’s bonnet, there is a 2-litre diesel engine with 192 bhp, as well as a 120 bhp electric motor. Together, they produce a massive 516 lb-ft of torque – more than a Ferrari Portofino – and can return up to 166.2 mpg on the new WLTP economy test.

Mercedes E 300 de Saloon

The electric-only range is 34 miles for the Saloon and 32 miles for the Estate, so it’s a long way off the 70 miles required to be eligible for the government’s revamped Plug-In Car Grant, but the 41 g/km CO2 emissions put it in the 13 percent company car tax bracket for the 2018/19 financial year.

But as well as offering economy, the new powertrain’s grunt provides performance, too. The sprint from a standstill to 62 mph takes around six seconds, and the top speed is 155 mph.

The E 300 de is offered in two trim levels, with SE being the cheaper of the two. Starting at £47,700 for the Saloon and £49,700 for the Estate, the standard plug-in E-Class comes with 18-inch alloy wheels, a ‘widescreen’ digital infotainment and dashboard display and keyless start. Front and rear parking sensors are included, too, as are four USB ports and heated front seats.

Spending an extra £2,495 will buy you the more generously equipped AMG Line model, which gets AMG bodystyling, privacy glass and an AMG steering wheel.

And as with all Mercedes offerings, there’s a bewildering range of option packs available. The Premium package, for example, costs £2,395 and includes memory seats, wireless phone charging and a 360-degree parking camera.

For £4,395, however, you can have the Premium Plus package, which adds to the Premium package with a Burmeister sound system, automatic powered boot closing and a panoramic sunroof.

Mercedes E 300 de Saloon

Other packages include the £1,895 Comfort package (£3,295 for AMG Line cars), which is available only in tandem with either the Premium or Premium Plus pack, and includes clever air suspension and natural Nappa leather.

The E 300 de is available to order now, with the first UK deliveries scheduled for spring 2019.

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The Estate version of this car will soon be everywhere. Next best thing to a diesel is a diesel hybrid.

True. You can only go up from a diesel.

If you do any sort of mileage a diesel is still better than a petrol car.

Better? On owner’s cost, yes….on impact to everyone and everything around them, no.

Less Co2.

This will sell great in Europe. And it’s a great idea.

That 34mi electric range figure sounded suspiciously high…
Yup, according to
It’s an NEDC number. I thought new cars (which this id) were required to use WLTP test standards since September?
34mi NEDC would probably translate to 20-22 EPA. hardly impressive.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

From 2020 in the UK, the benefit-in-kind tax will strongly favor BEV over PHEV.
14% if WLTP electric range less than 30 miles.
12% if WLTP electric range is 30-39 miles.
Decreasing in bands from there.
8% (40-69), 5% (70-129), 2% (130+)
BEVs will have a 2% BIK.

Fortunately the UK has followed other countries’ leads and cut the incentives. Have to make the incentive small enough that you only buy if you’re going to plug it in.