Massachusetts To Offer $2,500 Rebate on Plug-In Electric Vehicles


Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has announced a statewide plug-in electric vehicle rebate program that issue plug-in vehicle buyers up to $2,500 in a direct point-of-sale rebate.

Nissan LEAF Gets a Quick Charge in Massachusetts

Nissan LEAF Gets a Quick Charge in Massachusetts

As Telegram reports:

“The rebates, worth up to $2,500, are funded through $2 million raised in an auction for the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.”

“While the details of the rebates are not yet finalized, Krista Selmi, a spokeswoman for the state’s Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs, said in an email that the program will be “up and running by early summer.”

We presume that the total amount of the rebate depends on the kWh capacity of the battery pack, though details have not yet been released in regards to how the rebate amounts will be determined.

According to Telegram, the rebate “will apply to new vehicles only and, unlike a $7,500 federal tax credit program for plug-in electric vehicles, this state rebate will be available directly after sales rather than as a tax credit.

The Governor made the announcements while visiting the Worcester Regional Transit Authority, who from the start of this year has been utilizing a fleet of six electric buses that Mr. Patrick describes as “wicked cool.”

Besides checking out the buses and announcing the rebate, the Governor says the state will also kick in an additional round of $600,000 worth of funding to 16 municipalities (and a few public institutions) for the Massachusetts Electric Vehicle Incentive Program.

The announcements were made during a stop at the  hub on Foster Street, next to Union Station. Gov. Patrick said he was impressed by the WRTA’s “wicked cool” fleet of six electric buses, which have been on the road since December.

As for the rebate, it is part of a broader Massachusetts initiative, which aims to have 15% of new vehicle sales be plug-in vehicle by 2025.  Only vehicles registered in Massachusetts will be eligible for the rebate.

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6 Comments on "Massachusetts To Offer $2,500 Rebate on Plug-In Electric Vehicles"

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I wonder how much the Volt will qualify for.
Point of sale is sweet, no need to wait.

This sould only apply to 100% BEVs. The situation in California of all the hybrids getting HOV lane access seems like they’re cheating. These funds should be saved for all electric only.

Volts are electric cars 60-90% of the time. Intelligent legislation would see them getting 60-90% of the credits of a Tesla S, and 70-95% of the credit given to a Leaf/FFE.
The Volt is a full utility car and the Leaf isn’t. To penalize the Volt because it doesn’t meet the “EV Evangelical” standard of electrical purity is short sighted.
All electric miles are good miles.

It’s not a POS rebate, from what I’m told, it’s a CA style “apply for” rebate. It’s initial funding is only $2M, which is only 800 cars at the full rate, so I hope they’re planning ahead, otherwise it’ll end up like CA, constantly having to be re-funded. But, hey, it’s $2500, and supposedly will be funded until 2020, but there’s legislation to finish before we know that. Thanks, Massachusetts!

Is this in effect now, or do we know a date when it goes into effect?

Ah, it says ‘early summer’. I hope we get a date soon.