Jaguar Now Sells Over 2,000 I-PACE Per Month

DEC 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 47

Do we see another S-curve?

Jaguar moves forward with production and deliveries of its most important model – the I-PACE, exceeding 2,000 units globally in November – just as we expected.

The official numbers are 2,195 for the month (almost a thousand more than in October) and 4,663 so far this year.

In November, I-PACE accounted for 14.7% of total Jaguar global sales! The I-PACE is currently at about half of the two best-selling Jaguar models (E-PACE and F-PACE), which exceeded 4,000 last month.

Jaguar I-PACE sales – November 2018

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After seeing these results, I bet we see a Range Rover EV before long.

There are two Range Rover PHEVs.

All of these luxury EVs are doing immense good for electric cars in general. People already see them as a desirable, high-performance, luxury item, and when even the old money fuddy-duddies who buy Land Rovers and Jags are driving them, there will be no one left to persuade. In the meantime, their spending power and tolerance of outrageously expensive automobiles can be used to develop and proliferate 300+ kw charging and the batteries to match, such that when the truly affordable EVs finally arrive in the late 2020s or so they will all charge in 10-15 minutes.

Even the country club set cannot ignore the Premium Luxury Qualities of Electric Drive.

Fuddy duddies lawl

Don’t bet on it. They recently floated the idea of converting the Jaguar brand entirely to EVs, in order to keep selling gas guzzlers under the Range Rover brand…

It would be neat if InsideEVs showed a chart … EVs as a percentage of sales by manufacturer?

Would be fascinating trend to follow going forward in time; beyond 2020.

Thanks to team at InsideEVs for all the data and analysis your share. All much appreciated. 🙂

It is going to be a very simple chart
Tesla – 100%
Everyone else <5%

Your math is a bit fuzzy…

Did you read the article? Jaguar is already ~15%…

(And BYD >50% in recent months, if counting PHEVs. Should be >25% or so for BEVs only.)

Agree with this thought completely, it would be very interesting. But not monthly, there are far too many variables that affect sales on a month to month basis. Share data would be best if presented annually, or at most quarterly IMO.

Perhaps IEVs could start this in Q1 next year once global sales data is available for all 2018 sales, and then update in Q1 each subsequent year. Gotta feed that data junkies habit! 🙂

Given current sales trends, I-PACE might make it to 4000 a month!

They don’t have the production capacity much less the battery cell supply.

There are rumours going around that they are cranking up production from 30,000 to 75,000 per year… Though that claim admittedly sounds questionable for a variety of reasons: including the fact that production hasn’t even hit 30,000 yet; the fact that they certainly can’t get such a volume of extra batteries on such short notice — and perhaps most importantly, the fact that the claim was circulated by the least credible one of prominent $TSLA short sellers. (Frankly, I’m not even sure why he is prominent at all…)

This shows the potential demand of Model Y would be extremely high. Y will certainly be way better than I-pace in terms of performance, efficiency and intelligence; and likely be better in safety and size too.

I don’t think the Model Y would be considered a luxury car, more like mid range. Mostly talking about the interior and build quality which the Jag cars specialize in.
Model Y would have a better range, efficiency and safety though, that’s pretty certain.

Seems like traditional car makers have a similar kind of ramp up as Tesla, just with way less drama.

Drama as in major issues with build quality and faster ramp up

Or even battery providers….

Serial anti-Tesla clowns have spoken!

Up the EV revolution dragging the laggards against their will and led by the bold against the shills, shorters and haters.

Sure, let’s see when the iPace starts selling 20k/month

With a Goal of 30,000 units per year for the I-Pace, they are almost there!

Efficiency is pretty dramatic as is the low charge rate it will accept. Also there were delays, Jaguar will sell only a fraction of the 20K projected this year.

The only reason there is no drama is that nobody cares, no armies of Jaguar shorts out there, no armies of Jaguar hating trolls staking out comment sections.

Not quite the 20k they predicted for the year, but not bad. They probably have at least a couple of years of demand to fill already.

2K a month is 24K a year. Still hasn’t really caught on worldwide but this will be a very good seller.

They had projected 20k this year, that’s the year I was referring too. Next year they could hit 30k.

I think that is low, I bet next year if they can produce enough that they can sell 50K in the year. Tesla of-course will sell a lot more but there is room for all.

Those are some great numbers for I-PACE. This shows EVs with good enough range (200+ miles) will sell well no matter the price. E-PACE (starts at $38,600) and F-PACE (starts at $44,600) are much cheaper than I-PACE (starts at $69,500, even with subsidies its still above $60,000).

Another great set of numbers of BYD china in November. ~58% of their passenger vehicles are plug-ins (BEVs or PHEVs) in November. Their plug-in share increasing each month as they released more models in the middle of the year. They also have few more new models set to release in the coming months which would increase the plug-in share even more.

Keep in mind that even more than other markets, EV share in China always goes *way* up towards the end of the year…

Still, BYD seems to make good progress recently with the new/updated models, after a bit of a rough patch over the past year or two… (I think because they were a bit late with the switch from LFP to NMC?)

At this point Jaguar will sell as much i-paces as they can produce. I think they’re still ramping up, so I wouldn’t be surprised if they reach 2500/month soon.
Jaguar was not selling great, they can see a big opportunity with EVs. I think they’ll easily make profits with the i-pace.

I think Tata Motors (the owner) being in India probably has a lot to do with their interest in making Jaguar an EV. Go for it, Jaguar!

I see 165 in Nov numbers —
Are these global sales? … if so then clearly state/show that.
Where is the source? … put that somewhere.

Yes, global. I clarified the wording. I will find out the source from Mark. Thank you.

F-Pace & E-Pace gave some life to Jaguar.
I-Pace could decide the future of the make, I hope their dealers do their best to sell this model since their car sedan/coupe sales are going down sharply.

Nice to read that 2,000 I-Pace’s are sold, hope they allocate more units here.

Where is “here”?

Right now, deliveries in the Netherlands should be top priority, because of the upcoming reduction of incentives for high-priced EVs there. Starting next year, more shipments should go to other markets…

It’s the second best selling EV in Norway now as well (behind the Leaf).

No it’s NOT !
The second best selling is the VW eGolf by a large margin !!

I wonder how many of those went to Waymo. Waymo is planning to use up to 20,000 iPace for its self driving fleet.

There was mention of some test units going to Waymo a while back; but I doubt they will start delivering them in volume yet for at least a couple of months…

waymo deliveries count as US sales. So, only a tiny fraction.

Only Jaguar know how many cars they could sell if they made (could make) more. If Tesla Model 3 is a guide to demand for sexy EVs, and SUV sales compared to other cars is another good guide, then it looks like they are kicking down an open door, and sales next year will be constrained pretty much only by Jaguars nerve and ambition.

I say next year because, as we know, the Germans are coming!

Best decision Jaguar made was that I-Pace is made by Magna-Steyr in Austria, so there will be the least disruption to supply chain and sales after March 2019 when Britain’s self inflicted Brexit wound hits reality.

I doubt “the Germans” will impact I-Pace sales very much, just like I-Pace won’t much impact Tesla sales… I suspect there is somewhat limited overlap in the potential customer base.

Just 10x more and they will be in Model 3 range.

Seriously — this is great news! BRING IT ICE makers!!!

Hey, it’s an SUV and it’s cheaper than model X. So why not?

And on the other hand Tesla Model X and Model S sales went down 1500 cars in the last Q4 of 2018 in the EU, so CLEARLY the I-pace stealing clients from Tesla

What is i pace production in december 2018