This Hyundai Kona Electric Review Claims “It’s Amazing”


Yet another positive review on the 2019 Hyundai Kona Electric.

At this point, one review after of another of the Hyundai Kona Electric seem to be teeming with praise. YouTuber James (from James and Kate) gets an opportunity to check out friend and fellow YouTuber Nigel’s Kona Electric. They hit the road in the new EV and share why it’s such an amazing vehicle.

Hyundai and Kia are beginning to crank out more electric models over a short period of time. Unfortunately, this means that they’re not so easy to get and U.S. availability will be an issue, at least initially. Still, the Kona Electric is clearly a glimpse of what the future will bring to the electric car segment. Let’s take a brief look at some of James’ and Nigel’s notable takeaways. It’s important to point out that the test car is the loaded SE trim.


  • Excellent range
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Comfortable leather seats
  • Excellent safety features
  • Rear passenger room is sufficient
  • Spacious cargo area
  • Sport Mode is almost too peppy at times
  • Impressive one-pedal driving


  • Interior could be higher quality
  • Rear visibility can be obstructed by pillar

In the end, Nigel says that after 5,000 miles, the Kona Electric is the best car he’s ever owned. For more details, watch the video. Then, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Video Description via James and Kate on YouTube:

Hyundai Kona Electric — It’s Amazing!!!

There was once only one EV that brought luxury, power and long range travel to consumers, but thats slowly changing. This, the new Hyundai Kona does all of this but at less than half the price of the cheapest Model S available. I take ride with owner and Youtube Vlogger, Nigel, as he shows me just how good this latest EV to market really is, you won’t be disappointed. Here’s a link to Nigel’s excellent channel –…



Hyundai Kona Electric
20 photos
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New York

Hyundai Kona Electric
21 photos
Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric Hyundai Kona Electric

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Kona EV is great, but is about $20k more expensive than the ICE version.

If it had a solid-state battery, I’d be interested.

first you have incentive from government, then you save on gas and maintenance


We don’t care!

It’s also twice as good and saves you half the difference in fuel.

They announced the pricing?

There’s no equivalent ICE car. People pay a premium for the quieter ride and zero tailpipe emissions.

They’re not having to pay that premium for Model 3 vs. 3 series et. al.

Yes they do. Tesla 3 is like a $25k cars in many ways. It’s reasonable large and fast, but range is still a problem. Without incentives and the environment argument it’s still tough for EVs.

The Tesla M3 is…in no way…like any $25,000 car and you’d know that if you drove one. There is nothing on the planet with that acceleration, handling, luxury combo in the entire industry.
6.1 MILLION Mercedes/BMW/Audi models sold globally last year. None of those were under $40,000, none of those were subsidized.

Yeah hilarious, huh? Ppl talk like they just KNOW! 🤣🤣🤣 Never even been inside a Tesla. But they know!

Wow, you only drive E class??? Mercedes GLA 250, CLA, Audi A3, Audi A4, BMW 3 series, BMW X1, BMW X3… All under or at $40.000

Hmm, right now, the lowest range you can get in a Model 3 is 260 miles, and there are Superchargers located almost everywhere in the US, Asia, and the heavily populated areas of Europe.
You don’t worry about gas range, because there are gas stations everywhere, why worry about Tesla range, because there are Superchargers everywhere. In addition, most homes(even rentals) have 120v lines wired to them(in fact, where I live, building code mandates that a house must have electric supply in order to be fit for habitation). 120v@12A should be enough to recover 45 miles of range while you sleep.

So wrong.

Wow. You must not follow cars at all.

I’ve owned 3 different 3 series and was considering a C class.

My Model 3 is so much better, it is not even funny.

In some parts of the world, there’s Kona ICE, Kona hybrid and Kona ICE. Base versions of Kona are under €20k, but it’s true that the EV version is always sold with lots of equipment and it’s faster.

Yes, in most places there are at least 2 ICE Konas for every hybrid….and no ev.

agree. Pay for entry level luxury car price, but interior upholstery are like Toyota Corolla.

You also pay for the peppy engine and silent ride.

At $40K for the base Kona Hyundai doesn’t need to worry about meeting demand in US. Not many will pay that for that car anyway.
The Ionic plugin is now sold at $33k in CA….fing ridiculous!


If that’s your name you need to capitalize it.

Whether or not it’s as good as claimed, this is just the beginning of the EV revolution. It won’t be long before several manufacturers are making even better EV’s at lower prices.

There will always be better product whether EV or ICEV. You have to pick something that fits your needs that isn’t a total crap like current Nissan Leaf or overpriced like BMW i3. While Kona range is decent, it’s slower to accelerate than even 3 year old SparkEV and Bolt is full second quicker to 60 MPH.

“Crap like current Nissan Leaf” is a rather interesting statement, as the 2018 “C.C.” Nissan Leaf, currently is the EV model that is barely leading in overall sales, in all of Europe!

Will this October, be the month that Tesla and the Model S, claim as it’s leadership month (s)+?

Poor Sparky is such a Leaf hater ‼️

Still upset over all the Leaf’s 🍃🍃🍃 charging in the wild.

The Bolt… Is a GM POS. I wouldn’t be caught dead in a Bolt.

The elephant “con” in the room is availability outside CARB states.

It’s not even an elephant it’s a great big obvious truth that these S. Korean EVs ARE compliance vehicles sold at a loss. I’m with everyone who geeks out and reads reviews on a new EV, but Tesla will have to impinge on actual ICE best seller sales in a heavy way for some ICE OEM manufacturer to finally bite the bullet and MASS PRODUCE a significant number of EVs. Signs that an ICEmaker is starting to turn the corner will be 1) A proprietary platform for EVs that several diverse models can be built upon, and 2) The building or collaboration with a major lithium battery maker to build a very large battery factory. Nobody doubts Hyundai, Volkswagen, GM or Ford can make a great EV. We all should ask them to build them. I myself asked for them to build a simple EV sedan that seats 5 comfortably and an SUV for 7 years. Putting it on social media I started a Facebook group to Save The Chevy Volt where we ask GM for viable mass produced EVs. I finally sent my message to them by purchasing a Tesla Model 3. Most likely will trade it in for… Read more »

If it is the ‘truth’ that these are compliance cars, why are they being sold in Europe, where there is no CARB?

Availability is not good. But 20-30k per year is not nothing. 100k+ would have been nice though.

Is this larger than the BoltEV? Haven’t seen on up close yet. I’m keeping an eye out for one here in Sacramento.

No it’s not larger.

Quick Google says the Kona EV and Bolt are almost identical in overall length, height, and wheelbase.

I’ve seen a couple of ICE Konas in person, and I’ve seen numerous Bolts and driven a couple. It must be the proportions, because I would have sworn the Kona was a little longer and maybe a bit shorter.

Kona being ” maybe a bit shorter”, as in oEVr-all height?

The Kona is 164 in in length and 70.9 in width. The Bolt is 164 in length but only 69.5 in width.

We have an in-depth Bolt versus Kona post coming up in a day or two. Included is all the relevant deminsions.

Another article posted on Inside EVs August 23, 2018 states that some trim levels of the Kia Kona are available with a heat pump mode HVAC system. The Nissan LEAF (all trims?) also offer heat pump systems. The Chevy Bolt uses electrical resistance exclusively for heat. The cars with heat pump modes will fare a little better on range for cool, not cold, weather driving. Heat pump mode is effective at temperatures greater than about 2 degrees C (about 35 degrees F). At sub freezing temperatures, all cars have to use resistance heat.

The heat pump gives the range advantage because less electricity is needed. Heat pumps use amrefrigerant cycle to concentrate external heat from the outside into the cabin. Up to four Joules of heat can be transferred for each Joule of electrical energy consumed by the system. In contrast a resistance system obviously only obtains one Joule of cabin heat for each Joule of electricity. Electric power saved may then be applied to driving range in cool weather.

Edit: to clarify effective temperature range.

At high enough temperature, you might obtain less than 1 Joule of heat, since some energy dissipated as visible light…..

Mitsubishi’s Hyperheat systems provide COPS (Coefficient of Performance) of more than 3 at 5 deg F, and over 2 at minus 17 deg F. (In other words, 3 times the amount of resistance heat, or 2 times the amount of resistance heat for the equivalent amount of juice).

Now I don’t know what the system being used in cars currently is, but in Northern Climates I’m sure in the near future, if it has not already done so, almost all EV’s will migrate to this EXCELLENT System. There are very very few areas in North American consistently lower than -17F for a long period of time.

We have a Sonata. I brought it to the shop today…ironically, while waiting, I asked a salesmen if they had any Kona’s. He showed me. I asked are there any electric…”I think they will be arriving in mid 2019″—–Hyundai salesmen, Alexandria Va right across the river from DC.

It was short, peppy looking compact cross over. The back is tight and the storage is snubbed, high vertical storage, limited depth. Would be a good city runabout. I’m waiting for the model Y unveil to see what the industry standard is before comparing one to one and since it looks like Kona’s won’t be on dealer lots till mid 2019…we shall see what it looks like compare to the Y.

You are one among many Tesla “Y waiters”,

When Mid 2019 rolls around, the “Y waiters” expect to be on hold, a little wh-“Y”-le longer!

US price???????

ya and no legroom in the back LOL. worthless SUV. dead on arrival.

for people who dont need rear legroom (like me) I could care less. Dead on arrival? Must be you. In countries that actually care about what they pump into the atmosphere, this car is selling very well. In Norway, a country with a population roughly that of WI, they have reservation of 20,000 with 7000 delivered. The car just launched. These numbers are only going to get better.

It has less legroom than the Bolt but more shoulder room. Other than that, the dimensions of the two are identical.

This doesn’t surprise me. Hyundai/Kia seem focused on de-weirding the EV. Given that you buy one the way customers are used to buying cars in the US, I suspect they’ll manage to sell them as fast as they screw ’em together.

I bought a Tibouron in 2006. A defect in the rear defroster caused my rear window to spider vein and then later shatter. Hyundai repeatedly called me a liar, saying I had broken it somehow. They REFUSED to honor my warranty and refused to replace the window OR rear defroster. NEVER BUY from them again. Hyundai just isnt American.

Most Hyundai’s and Kia’s sold in the US are built in Georgia and Alabama. In America by American workers. Kia/Hyundai quality has come a long way. I’m 60 yrs old and have had many cars. From a Lexus RX 300, Nissan 300 ZX and Audi A6, to a Buick Century. I now own a Kia Niro. The Niro is overall one of the best cars I have owned.

Better than the RX? Get outta here! You may have memory issues….

I am always suspicious when these reviews insist upon making their comparison with the Model S. Why not with the Model 3?