Hot Or Not? Front End Of Rivian R1T Pickup Sure Ain’t No Silverado HD


Let’s take a closer look at perhaps the most controversial bit of the R1T.

In modern times, pickup truck design has taken a turn for big and bold. That’s okay, but not all truck makers like to follow that trend.

Take, for example, Rivian with its R1T electric truck.

The automaker has taken a completely new approach to the front end design of a pickup truck and it’s very unique. Those vertical lights are perhaps the most striking design element of the truck

Not only that, but the rounded appearance of the truck stands out too, especially since most truck makers are going more square and boxy.

To us, Rivian’s design is more appealing. It’s not so in-your-face like say the new Chevy Silverado HD truck (see below). Now that’s one truck we’d consider as ugly. But who are we to judge.

We personally think that the R1T electric truck stands out by being a bit different and that’s precisely what it needs to do. If it looked like any other truck out there, then it would be criticized for copying or just simply blend in too much.

What are your thoughts on the face of the R1T? The Rivian R1S electric SUV looks much the same too. Peruse the images below and then drop a comment to let us know what you think.

For more in-depth discussion with fans and pre-order holders, be sure to check out the Rivian section of InsideEVsForum.

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187 Comments on "Hot Or Not? Front End Of Rivian R1T Pickup Sure Ain’t No Silverado HD"

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Initially didn’t like, but now, don’t have an issue, think its fine.

Agree. I still don’t think it’s classically good looking, but it is unique and it has grown on me a lot.

I think they could still do better and still look different I’m not an artist but there’s a link of a sketch I draw with lights in a landscape configuration which I think would look better

Exactly, the big 3 grilled have evolved into monstrosities of seeing how big and busy they can make them.

I think the word you want is “intimidating”. Many people who buy these kind of trucks want to make a statement. Some of them need to make up for a lack of anatomy.

Perhaps the reason why you like it now is because Rivian intentionally designed the shape of the headlights to create a subliminal image of an electrical outlet. 🤔×2848/filters:fill(auto,1)/electrical-outlet-recepticle-183320600-5893e9a65f9b5874ee532605.jpg

The image of the electrical outlet looks like an emoji for “strong disbelief” 🙂

Not as bad as the fake grills on cars anymore. The Civic has fake grills on the rear bumper !! Lol talk about dork!

Exactly. Trucks are so ugly by design these days, this is actually an improvement.

A) I don’t mind the front look.

B) No-one will mistake it to be a car from the old car companies.

Looks like a cartoon character, which is keeping me from putting my money down!

Agreed. It looks like a dorky emoji to me. There is a middle ground between cartoon goofball and the Silverado HD truckagedon design above. It doesn’t seem to be a real company going anywhere, but those Atlis people are on the right track if you want to attract traditional truck buyers. Having said that, I don’t think Rivian is shooting for traditional truck buyers. I think the front of the Rivian is terrible, but it doesn’t matter because I won’t be buying one anyhow. I don’t have that kind of money. The kind of people that do have the money and who this truck is marketed to, might well love this plucky-little-truck-that-could design.

I feel the Atlis front on the Rivian body would look great.

That Chevy Silverado front end looks absolutely over-the-top ridiculous. It’s almost as if the hood is too high in relation to the windshield- for the sake of looking… tough?

Visability for driver prob sux….sales will plummet more now! Just like camaro

It’s like they said, “Here’s a super big grill, and then here’s the logo, and then here’s some more grill above that- grills for EVERYONE!”

Its actually designed to do… work. bigger grill means more cooling for the radiators.
The Rivian is good except for the oval vertical lights. they look like pacman eyes or an emoji

Maybe, but considering how little work I see typically done with most of those super biggee grill trucks I wonder if all that extra “work” is maybe.. overkill..?

Older trucks had smaller grills and cooled just fine..

I think it’s well known by now that the auto industry is paid an under-the-table bonus to increase drag in these trucks year after year.

Yeah, I don’t care for the Rivian’s front end, but that Chevy makes it look beautiful. Chevy has a long history of ugly cars though.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t think the front end of Rivian is hot. I applaud the effort of creating the first electric pickup truck, I just wish the Italians were involved in the front end design.

Strongly agree. With all the flexibility LED lighting offers vehicle designers, they managed to come up with something that looks like a fan sketch of a vehicle in a Star Wars sequel.

I’ve said it hundreds of times: There are two major sins in design: Stopping the design process too soon (the Rivian?) or letting it go on too long without blowing up the design and starting over (the Chevy?).

The number one thing customers want is an EV that delivers benefits over ICEVs but without “weird EV crap”

Definitely still a market for people that want others to notice they are driving an EV. Just look at the Model X bubble minivan look.

You’re old fashioned.

LOL, I suppose I asked for it.

Agree, get rid of those vertical ovals for a cleaner look.

It’s warm. The front end is definitely an acquired taste but I applaud the company for daring to be different. The rounded features and horizontal lights are the design of the future, and will set a trend that GMC and other truck makers will eventually follow…stay tuned.

Truck looks boring, sorry.

I don’t love the front of the R1T but I like it more than the front of that Silverado.

That’s probably why the Ford F-150 outsells Chevy. It just looks like a working farm truck.

I think the Rivian front end is awesome. Big fan, very original and practical and distinctive. Can’t wait to buy one, hopefully a long bed R1T.

Ugly, just not as ugly as the Silverado. Ugly is ugly nonetheless.

Not feeling it. At all! It may grow on me, but for right now it’s just a bit too radical. I do agree they need to appear “different” to be distinctive and standout however. I just don’t know if this is the final designed I might have signed off on were I CEO. Since you asked.

Looks to “cartoony” for a pickup truck.

“We personally think”, exactly who are we and what type of trucks do you currently drive? The Rivian front end is the expression of the buyer when they see the sticker price.


The front end of the Rivian looks Creepy !

Look at those panel gaps.

Looks nice and even to me.. just one I noticed – but looks like it is just due to the viewing angle.
When production start, we’ll see how good of a job the assembly workers do, and if they have proper time and tools to make the right adjustments.
Since we’re talking of a new factory, and all the talk of Teslas panel gaps in the media, I would think they’ll take the extra time needed.
I wonder how much stress this car has given the other pickup truck makers. I’m sure some of them had a few sleepless nights.

I’m sure GM will jump on the electric truck band wagon very soon.

I can hear it now ” wheres my delivry!!!????”
Uh, sir , truck is dead & waiting for a flatbed to haul it to a charging port/station then it will take hours to charge to get back on track.
Progress my a–

I hated the look at first. It’s growing on me. I’ll wait for the Tesla truck before deciding though. I have a feeling it’s going to be awesome.

Tesla knows design, both features and appearance.

Come back and say that again when they release their truck design in a couple years.

I am not actually a fan of Tesla design, but don’t dislike it. Features they know their audience well and what to market. Bioweapon defense mode instead of just calling it a HEPA filter, Sentry Mode, Autopilot, etc.

The model S is a beautiful car. But the Model X looks like a rounded off Pontiac Aztec. And don’t get me started on those falcon wing doors.

I’ll say straight up this design with the funky headlights is a disaster waiting to happen for the EV Movement . The proof is the god awful massive headlights Nissan decided to put on the original Leaf —that lasted a ridiculous 6 years or so before the modern redesign which looks great.
It’s truly fodder for all the anti EV asswipes who will seize on the Rivian as an ugly stepchild. And it will also turn off many would be buyers who want all the amazing benefits of a pure EV pickup— and don’t want to “look different” and get any unnecessary attention. Let’s talk again one year from now,, controversy and “radical designs” are just like big sore thumbs, a big pain that won’t go away.

Thay also know battery tech.

“They also know batteries”
Big advantage over GM then?

Look at the front of a 2003 Silverado . Now update that style and I would be sold .

It’s interesting how tastes can differ: I just had a look at that 2003 and for me it’s the summit of ugliness.

It’s a truck…it doesn’t have to win any beauty awards. Utility and practicability is what it needs.

This is the 1st correct reply about etruck. Design art means NOTHING…..its a utility vehicle!!!!

Just because a product is utilitarian, it doesn’t mean it has to be ugly.

Sorry, but Rivian isn’t aiming at the practical working truck crowd. It’s aiming at the upscale “adventure vehicle” crowd, which means style and appearance are at least as important as functionality and utility… maybe even more so.

I like Rivian’s design. It still reads as a truck. I think people will adjust just as they did with Tesla’s grill-less front. The only change that might help is to remove the horizontal light bar because it looks like an ugly, old, Mercury Sable.

I can’t take the Silverado seriously as a truck though given that Captain Slow was able to disable one on Top Gear. Very humiliating for GM!

It’s ugly,what were they thinking.Not for me.

The front is fine the bed is a joke. Remember when you could buy a cap and throw all gear in the bed of your truck? I do. There is more inside my Prius for surfboards than the bed of this rugged off-road vehicle.

This is the coolest truck I have ever seen. I can’t wait to get behind the wheel.

Bet your Boyfriend likes it too

I tip my hat to Rivian for daring to be different, despite the fact the odd look will likely lose them some sales.

Only time will tell if Rivian is a trend-setter, but clearly it’s not a trend-follower!

Go Rivian!

Vehicle styling these days often looks overdesigned and ugly. The Silverado is a particularly awful example, though there are plenty of others. Toyota Avalon and Honda Clarity are also butt-ugly, as is that absurd BMW iNext concept. Designers seem to be flailing as they search for a visual language that looks both new and attractive. They’re managing new, but falling down a bit on attractive.

Back in the fifties, there was a time of aggressive styling based on jet aircraft motifs. It was also absurd, but time has turned it into nostalgia for us. Hard to know what the years ahead will make of these mashups of angles and yawning mouths, but right now they look unfortunate.

Now, the Rivian is a bit odd-looking, but manages to make a statement without devolving into overcomplicated and/or hyper-aggressive shapes. You won’t mistake it for anything but a Rivian when you see it in your rear-view mirror, and these simple ideas (vertical headlight on a few horizontal rectangles) ought to serve as a nice basis for variants as designers update the styling in coming years. It’s also a look the ICE trucks can’t copy (no grill). I think it should work fine.

The SUV is okay looking but it just makes me think Land Rover. That truck tho🤢 I don’t think any man is going to buy that but the little boy’s with rich parents will surely think its great.

Go buy your angry looking truck and ICE a charging station

Yeah, that’s my only complaint about Rivian’s designs: That they owe too much to designs of current gasmobiles. The R1S, as you say, looks too much like a Land Rover.

I say BEV designers should dare to be different!

I LIKE this Rivian truck!! I believe the lights will be a trendsetting game changer, especially, for car enthusiasts. I see reimagined front grills and headlight designs on old school and new cars, gas or electric now. I’d like to drive it to feel it. Electric or gas, a truck needs to be a truck…period! Power, tow and payload.
We are a Chevy family so the profile lines I love, think Colorado. But, we also simply like trucks. Hell yeah, I can see myself in a Rivian! Look at it! If you can’t see the possibilities and industry changes to come with this truck? You are not a truck person.

Very cool but, affraid that if it gets damaged it will be very expensive to have body work done…… needs some substaintial protection, but must be light wieght

I like the front of the truck but the back is weak looking in comparison.

A lomg tome coming! Now just a touch of flair then i’ts Hooot!

You’ll know it’s a Rivian a mile away. Fine with me

Ugly, but original.

And the Chevy look as if it took the ugly from a Ford of yesteryear.

The future is inevitable ! Can’t wait for all cars and bakkies to look like this ! LOVE IT !

The front looks quite ill proportioned, accentuated by the darkened lower part, like it was squeezed from the top, or a huge squared guy with a tiny head. And those funky lights, as predicted, have already lost that novelty cool effect and starting to irk

Looks like a Honda Ridgeline , with the front of an old Scout or International

It’s what the Honda Ridgeline should have looked like.

Not hot. Looks derivative of rover or Ford flex. Headlamps are very expensive parts to develop and validate to fmvss spec. This looks as if rivian opted for some off the shelf led utility lamp from the shelf down at the RV center and slapped them on as a place holder until they could raise enough capital to do it right for the production version. Rest of the truck looks fine, though non distinct. Could easily be branded ford Toyota Honda etc as there are no real style cues to suggest otherwise.
The ugliness of the Silverado is irrelevant.

The Rivian front end is pretty cool. Though I think it looks better on the SUV than the Truck.

But it’s a lot better than that Silverado. That’s a mess.

It’s exactly what it needs to be. The Silverado has a huge grill to help cool a big diesel engine. The Revian doesn’t have that problem.

What’s wrong with function/science AND hip/cool/fashion. Make a dual statement both what is in the car and way it looks. Love it.

Butt ugly. Makes me think the designer for the Pontiac Aztec has a new job.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

LMAO….. +1

This truck looks idiotic. Why not make it like the “other” trucks? The new 2019 truck lineup looks like they all could be electric. The front of this truck looks like absolute trash.

“Why not make it like the ‘other’ trucks?”

Because then it would look just like any other light truck. I doubt many people planning to buy a Rivian truck want it to look just like a gasmobile!

I think it looks great, but I see more SUV in it than truck, still looks good though

Spooky-looking headlights, and totally not in keeping with the rest of the truck’s gorgeous lines. I sent a Photoshop rendering to Rivian with these thoughts, comparing the headlights to Little Orphan Annie’s eyes… Blank.

I like it. Different is good. 65 year old female

This is a prime opportunity for an aftermarket designer to come up with a conversion kit to correct the weird face into something more desirable and contemporary.

Should do well in the market

Ugliest front end on a truck that I have ever seen. Start over, or there will be no sales to speak of.

Dream on…..