Classic Ford Mustang Becomes A 3-Second Electric Supercar


Be ready to pony up a quarter million in cash.

There are few shapes today as iconic in the automotive world as the Ford Mustang. We’re talking about the originals from the sixties, not the late-model pretenders. The problem is, of course, these classics are gas-powered and not really up to the performance standards of today. Plus, they don’t make ’em anymore. Enter Charge Cars, which is set to change all that.

The British outfit has just released a video (above) featuring an updated version of the classic ‘Stang that rocks our socks clean off our feet. One which it says it will bring to market in September of 2019. This thing is nasty in the best possible way. While it keeps the basic exterior contours of the beloved model, its makers aren’t afraid to color outside the lines. It is truly stunning.

Did we mention it’s electric? Ok, you’ve probably guessed that by now, but the numbers related to the drivetrain are as impresssive as its appearance. Consider an all-wheel-drive coupe — it’s said to become available in both fastback and convertible form — putting out 300 kW (402 horsepower)  along with 1,200 Newton meters (885 pound-feet) of torque. That’s enough giddyup, they say, to power the revived design from a standstill to 100 kph (62 miles per hour) in a brief 3.09 seconds.

The battery supposedly holds a decent 64 kWh, which the outfit says should be good for 200 kW (124 miles) of range. (We believe there may be some sort of typo here, as they much energy should take the car at least 200 miles. We’ve reached out for clarification.) A charge time is not given at the moment, though the company’s website does say it can DC fast charge at 50 kW.

From what we can see of the interior, the cabin appears quite modern, with a large Tesla-like touch screen in the center console. The user interface (UI) looks quite polished, though we have yet to learn about its features or how much control it may give you over the vehicles performance and dynamics.

Charge Cars intends to build a total of 499 of these electrified vehicles using “officially licensed shells.” You may well be able to see one in person as demonstrators will engage in a world tour starting in March of next year, and hitting at least eleven major cities. If you want to ensure a place in line for this limited production, reservations are being accepted in exchange for a fully refundable 5,000 British pounds ($6,501 at today’s rates). When the full bill comes due, expect to shell out at least 200,000 British pounds ($259,900). That is the starting price before as-yet-unmentioned options and accessories are added.

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They will be drag racing Teslas all day long

They Need to Plug Up and Blend into the Body , That Open Top Part* of that Ridiculous Semi Truck Like Huge Grill & Just Leave a Small Slit at The Bottom ..

i want the hell out of that.

Yea , Me Too…. lol …….. 🙂

I want an electric 1964 Impala SS. Do it.


Want that, too!


“officially licensed shells.”

So….. Fiberglass kit car?

I expect it’s metal. I’d be happier if it was carbon fiber, though, considering the price tag.

Newly manufactured using original stamping dies.

Is it normal for the them keep those around for this long?


Though… not the 1965 crash protection standards!!!

I would assume it has modern construction — with all the expected crashworthiness — under that old-school outer shell?…

Another Euro point of view

Further evidence that for an electric car acceleration is so much of a hanging fruit that it almost touches the ground. The efficiency fruit being way higher in the tree and the good cost/range ratio fruit all the way at the top.

Instead of constantly railing against acceleration, and why folks shouldn’t appreciate it, why not just accept that many folks really enjoy the rush of rapid acceleration? If it ain’t for you, that’s fine. Live and let live. But considering that 3-4 second 0-60 acceleration was reserved for only the select, super wealthy up until about 10 years ago, many average folks are still experiencing it for the first time. The EV world is becoming a bountiful buffet, with many options for folks to choose from, one of those options is now acceleration. If you don’t like it, skip it and go with the slower option. And be thankful we have the option(s).

When you say a car is a 3 second car, it means it does the quarter mile in 3 seconds, not 0-60… its worlds different.

Remember Eleanor? While i like the GT500s styling, one shouldn‘t try too hard to do an attractive body for a BEV with fancy „swipe
to drive“ displays.
Keep the original V8 and buy a tailor made BEV.

Love my M3D but OMG…that looks SO COOL