This certainly isn't your typical test drive. That's because the test-drive vehicle is over a decade old. However, the original Tesla Roadster is an icon in the EV space. Some will argue it's not very original and not a very good car, and its successor will be worlds better in every way. However, it's a blast to drive, and it deserves a lot of credit for its inspiration.

For hardcore EV fans, and especially Tesla owners, driving the original Roadster is likely a dream come true. Come on, we're talking about the car that started it all. Fortunately for our good friend Andy Slye, he got to take advantage of the opportunity recently. 

Slye came onto the EV scene fairly recently. Over a short period of time, he ramped up his YouTube channel and arguably made himself somewhat of a celebrity in the space. He's driven plenty of Tesla vehicles, but this is his first rodeo in an original Roadster.

While most Tesla fans would likely jump on the chance to take the Roadster for a spin, Slye is one of only a small group of people who actually won a new Tesla Roadster. He'll be waiting for the next-generation Roadster for some time, and while you can barely compare the original car to the upcoming iteration, it just makes sense to take it for a ride.

The Tesla Roadster can't match Tesla's current vehicles in most areas, but it's a blast to drive thanks to its tiny footprint. Think super-torquey, all-electric Mazda Miata. It's not practical, but that wasn't the point. For coastal and countryside cruising, it's hard to match an all-electric convertible.

Slye takes us for a ride and goes over all the details, as well as how it compares to the upcoming next-gen Roadster. He also provides an in-depth write-up about the Roadster on his YouTube channel. Slye shares:

"After driving the original Tesla Roadster it made me even more excited to get the 2nd generation Roadster, and I thought it would be fun to go over some of the biggest differences between the 1st-gen Roadster and 2nd-gen Roadster to really get an idea of the innovation that Tesla has shown in the past decade which is more than any other car manufacturer on the planet."

Check it all out and drop us a comment.

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