As you're probably aware by now, Brian Jenkins (i1Tesla) took delivery of his Tesla Model Y Performance last week. Since then, he's spent the last several days with Kyle Conner at the Out of Spec Motoring / InsideEVs track and facility in North Carolina.

Due to the virus situation, the guys can't really venture out, and staying at a hotel is not an option. No worries, there are plenty of places to sleep at the track, due to its large building. However, Jenkins decides to sleep in his Tesla out on the track.

Jenkins is honest to admit that it's not that cold in North Carolina right now. The temperature is in the low 60s and drops to 50F or so overnight. Still, over the course of nine hours, he uses about 10 percent of his battery. He kept the car in Camp Mode with the cabin temp set at 71 degrees. If it was really cold, he would have exhausted a decent amount of range.

Have you camped in a Tesla? How about in really cold weather? Let us know your observations and experiences in the comment section below.

Video Description via i1Tesla on YouTube:

Tesla Model Y Camping - Camp Mode

Camped in the Tesla Model Y on the side of the race track. Used an air mattress not designed for the Y but it worked. Only used 10% battery over a 9 hour sleep. It was not very cold though. I imagine if it was much colder I would've used much more.

Air mattress

Out of Spec Motoring

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