The guys from The Fast Lane Car had a great idea when they bought a Tesla Model X to try to reproduce the situations an electric pickup truck will have to face. Possibly on a daily basis. Since the Model X has no bed, towing is its main mission. And now it has been chosen to tow a camper trailer 1,200 miles away from Boulder, Colorado, to Portland, Oregon.

In a previous video, The Fast Lane Car showed that a big trailer, such as one for carrying horses, makes the car spend its battery charge three times faster than it normally would. And that is practically inviting range anxiety back even with the most capable EVs, something electric pickup trucks promise to be.

In the next one, they will have a much smaller camper trailer to carry, a  Boreas XT. One that even needed an adaptor to make the Model X recognize the trailer since it spends very little energy with its LED lights. 

What the adapter does is drawing more energy from the battery pack. Something that Tesla should probably have on its radar. If not for the Model X, at least for the future pickup truck. If the camper trailer is energy efficient, why not use that in favor of the electric car towing it, right?

We have said “next” video because this one deals only with the preparation for the trip and the tools it will require, such as the website A Better Routeplanner, which allows you to calculate how many stops you will have to do to get a trip completed. And exactly where.

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To have an idea about that, the TFLC guys connected the camper trailer a had a ride with it to see how much energy consumption they would have with the trailer at 65 mph. With that info, they saw how many additional stops the Boreas XT would require from the Model X.

All that info is in the video, as well as a fairly extensive explanation about the camper trailer and a Yakima rooftop tent. Watch it and let us know your expectations regarding the trip itself. Will it go well? Will there be surprises? The next one will let us know.

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