When Shelby Church first got her Tesla Model 3, she was surprised at how roomy it was. Coming from a coupe, she was impressed by the amount of space in the back. In fact, she learned quickly that she could completely lay down in the back of the Tesla with the seats down. She made plans to take the car on a camping trip, but it took months before the plan was put into action. 

Church recruited her friend and roommate Lauren to go along on the excursion. They actually ended up taking the Model 3, as well as a Tesla Model X. The Model X allowed them the ability to pack everything they needed for some time in the outdoors and the cold evening weather.

Church set up her bed in the Model X. While she admits that she's only 5'4", she says that if you're under six feet tall, you should be able to stretch your legs out fully. Her friend Lauren, who's 5'6", set up her bed in the Model 3. Like the Model X, it offered more than enough room.

Check out the video to learn all about their trip, the cold weather, heating the cabins, etc. Then, let us know if this is something you've done in your Tesla. If so, how was the experience?

Video Description via Shelby Church on YouTube:

The TRUTH About Camping In A Tesla

We’re going camping in a Tesla Model X and Tesla Model 3!

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