Elon Musk Confirms New Tesla Roadster To Be “Some Years Away”


Old Tesla Roadster

Old Tesla Roadster

Via a simple Tweet, Tesla CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that a new Tesla Roadster is coming, but it’s still “some years away.”

Musk Confirms New Tesla Roadster To Be "Some Years Away"

Musk Confirms New Tesla Roadster To Be “Some Years Away”

This would seem to indicate that the Roadster’s launch timeline is still a bit of an unknown at this point in time, despite the “in 4 years” promise made in July 2015.

“There is of course one speed faster than ludicrous, but that is reserved for the next generation Roadster in 4 years: maximum plaid.”

Our thinking is that the next-gen Roadster won’t go on sale until at least 2020, but that may be an optimistic timeframe.

What we do know is that the Roadster will go “maximum plaid,” which one ups Ludicrous mode. 0 to 60 MPH in approximately 2 seconds flats is our expectation. And if we are to believe what Musk Tweeted some 8 months ago, then plaid will be a color option too.

Before work begins in earnest on the net-gen Roadster, Tesla will launch the Model 3-based Model Y, a crossover that Elon Musk says will have millions of buyers lined up for it.

Meanwhile, we’re all still waiting for the reveal of the production Model 3…

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Here is hoping the priorities are:
3 / E
3CUV / Y
Pickup truck
S refresh

You forgot the Semi.


-An S refresh can go anywhere.
-This is the order of max revenue increase.

The priorities are laid out in the Master Plan, Part Deux blog post.

It includes a small* bus.

* It’d be small because large buses cease to make sense if there’s autonomy, and Tesla aiming for autonomy.

For sure the Model 3 is 1st priority, most likely next up is Model Y.

After that it could be either the mini bus or the pickup.

The question is…will the next roadster be before the large truck / semi cab?

My guess is the semi tractor will be a concept vehicle, not a production vehicle. I just don’t think the economics works for a long-range BEV semi.

Now, a BEV “yard truck” is certainly possible; a semi tractor that just moves trailers around at low speed in a freight yard. But that’s a small niche market, so I question that Tesla will aim for that.

Also… Will we see Tesla Flight division before 2025?

Elon wants to bring a Supersonic, Vertical Take off, Electric ‘Jet’, but even a more conventional 4-5 seat Light Aircraft, with 500-800 mile range, and just 200+ Mph cruise, will be hard enough, in a Pure Electric, let alone Elon’s idea!

I’m hoping he promised Trump he’d have one made by the end of one term (or four years, whichever comes later). Just to get on his good side. 🙂

This is all speculation, assuming Tesla can
– make it to Model 3 production
– successfully launch the model 3 to recoup development/production capital costs, and
– survivoe the very large warranty costs that will accrue.

“Warranty costs”? Seriously? Has any auto maker ever failed due to warranty costs?

There’s no guarantee that Tesla Motors will survive long term. But if it fails, it certainly won’t be because of warranty costs!

Mark — Tesla’s warranty accruals are actually down 40% per unit since the Model S went into volume production, and still improving. They are inline with other high dollar cars like Mercedes and BMW.

Funny, I didn’t notice BMW or Mercedes go out of business with similar warranty accrual rates.

Personaly, I hope he keeps the roadster relatively simple. A Honda S2000 style moderate (4s 0-60), but affordable (35-45000$) car would be much better, and sell better, much better than yet another EV supercar for 200000$. Like the MX-5 had proven, there is a big market out there for a fun, light, affordable 2seater.

I actually agree with this.

Something small and lightweight, with good range, that can handle track days.

I’ll take mine in black!

I understood the next Roadster would be a 2+2 configuration, with at least room for some kids in the back to share the silent zoom with!

For sure it eould be nice to have a price spread that goes from base Miata prices, to Corvette prices, to Veyron prices – so they have something for everyone!

However, if Elon was reserving Maximum Plaid for this next Roadster, what are the odds it will be the price of the Miata, even at a base model?

I reasonably priced car like that without all the bells , whistles , & Speed will never happen …I wish they would give buyers different Options ,in regards to range & “POWER”, but that will not happen either..Just like the Model 3 It’ll take 4 after the start of production before you see a $35,000 car & by then there will be a Price Hike anyway! Everything is carefully engineered & planned Much Much Better engineered & Put together than the car itself..

That’s the first suggestion I’ve seen that the new Roadster won’t be a two-seater, as the last one was.

Can you cite a source on that?

That was Musk’s plan way back, a 2+2 roadster to go toe-to-toe with 911s, but target a lower price point ~$70k.

Here is the only mention I could find on a google search (which is 8 years old now). https://www.carthrottle.com/post/next-gen-tesla-roadster/

Plans may have changed, cause I haven’t heard about 2+2 seating in a long time. I could see a 2+2 setup with one large FW door would fill the halo car role. Would be a coupe not a roadster though. 2+2 seating would make since if they move the battery pack to the floor, which seems like a given if built off the 3 platform.

I did hear from a TM rep (big guy, not a sales guy) about 3+ years ago there was a development Roadster running around with a Model S P85D drivetrain doing ~2 second 0-60. This was before the “Show the D” reveal. Not sure it was ever intended for production.

“Some years away” Tesla’s new corporate motto….

Model III is months away.

How many months? 24? 36? 48?

Getting colder

About as cold as liquid Hydrogen…

Oh Snap!!!

Tell us again, sven, how you “really like” Tesla Motors and its cars.

It’s hard to remember when you spend so much time writing Tesla-hating FUD posts.

Sven, 2021 until the M3 is delivered? Either provide a source, or go die a horrible death in a hydrogen explosion.


Wishing someone to die a horrible death reveals much about you and your mental problems. I feel sorry for you. 🙁

Didn’t you see the ¯\_(ツ)_/¯¯?? Are you that stupid?


Why so serious? I feel sorry for you.

And since you clearly couldn’t put 2+2 together, the opposite of

“About as cold as liquid Hydrogen…”

in the comment above, is the instant release of all that liquid hydrogen in an explosion. IE, getting warmer in this discussion.

As in if you can’t manage to come up with a source, you need to admit it and get a lot, lot warmer to the truth.

So are you going to get any warmer to the truth? Or just stay with your BS?

Get a clue.

I see you couldn’t provide any support for your BS, so shuffle your way off to the nearest fuel cell filling station…


Yet another baseless attack by sven that he can’t support. Yup, the sun also rose in the morning today too. Just like clockwork. Another day, another fail whale for svennie.

It’s about time to build a pickup truck, someone pleace!

When Tesla starts taking away a significant amount of cash cow ICE money with the pickup and SUV markets, I believe the rest of the major manufacturers will have to fully commit. I’m hoping for an F150 / Silverado / Ram competitor.

That would be interesting, but when you look at it to have practical range in an F150-ish truck means a big battery, a big battery means weight, weight means reduced payload capacity (cargo + passengers) not to mention any tow rating and you see the problem. Battery density will have to make a significant breakthrough to make this happen (10 years on maybe?) More practically a small pack used as a PHEV makes the most sense for a near term truck.

I look forward to a new Roadster . . . but seriously, they already have WAY TOO MUCH on their plate with the Gigafactory, the Model 3, the Model Y, making a profit, the Solar PV tiles, the solar PV electronics that I suspect they are working on in the skunkworks, the Buffalo solar Gigafactory, and getting SolarCity under control.

Of course, they also have 30,000+ employees.