Here’s What Else Is Aboard The Tesla Roadster In Space


Hmm … a planetary insurance policy to save and share humanity’s knowledge with future generations is orbiting the sun aboard Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster?

Tesla Raodster

The very first Arch library, containing The Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy — Arch 00001:000001 (Image and caption credit:

Needless to say, this is pretty interesting (and deep) information. Leave it to Musk to plan and allow for such a thing. It sure sounds like something out of a science fiction movie. However, if you read the context provided on the Arch Mission Foundation’s website, it really does make perfect sense:

“The Arch Mission Foundation™ (pronounced ar·k) exists to help humanity preserve and spread its knowledge across vast distances of time and space.

We believe that the purpose of life is to evolve and spread intelligence across the universe.

Ancient civilizations accomplished this by preserving their data in stone, a very long lasting medium — for example, The Pyramids of Giza. But ironically, despite our higher level of technological attainment, our civilization’s data is far less durable.

Our knowledge exists primarily on paper documents, and plastic media such as magnetic tape, optical DVDs, and flash drives. Paper media, under very carefully controlled conditions, can be kept for hundreds of years, but our plastic digital storage media has a shelf-life of 20 to 50 years. Most of these media are also very vulnerable to heat, cold, moisture, bacteria and fungus, insects, and electromagnetic radiation.”

The Arch Libraries are the foundation’s solution:

“This new medium, invented over decades by Dr. Peter Kazansky, is expected within 10 years to achieve a storage capacity of 360 Terabytes per 3.75 inch disk of quartz (that’s 7000 Blu-Ray Disks!), and is stable for at least 14 billion years, under a wide range of extreme conditions. Today this is the best way to store data for billions of years in space.”

Below is a video of the launch, which includes more information about the payload, with specific references to Musk’s Tesla Roadster, Starman in the official SpaceX spacesuit, a Hotwheels Roadster and mini-starman, as well as the Arch 5D optical storage unit. Tune in at the 12:20 mark in the video for these details.

Here’s another video with some additional explanation of the project:

What do you make of all of this? It’s pretty crazy stuff to say the least.

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Its quite interesting that all the stuff humanity sent to Space, is written in English with Latin chars (maybe something from Soviet era in Russian written with Russian alphabet?).
What if aliens do not know to read latin chars nor they speak English? How they will be able to read what is written there?

Us humans with our current technological level can decypher ancient texts for which no-one alive knows the alphapet or context.

An alien race capable of travelling to where the Roadster is orbiting and then capturing it will have zero difficulty in decyphering the English text.

“Us humans with our current technological level can decypher ancient texts for which no-one alive knows the alphapet or context.” What is the basis for your claim? Aliens will have no Rosetta Stone to give them a translation. The Wikipedia article on the Mayan hieroglyphics, and the difficulties of the decades-long quest to decipher them even using some hints recorded by Conquistador priests, certainly does not give me any confidence that aliens would be able to decipher English (or Spanish or any other human language). Translation software always compares the text to be deciphered to known translations. Aliens won’t have any known translations, and therefore nothing to use as the basis for a translation into their language. I was bemused by the Pioneer 10 plaque, and the way that humans constructed it to be deciphered by aliens with no understanding of human language. Of course, we will almost certainly never know if it will communicate its message to any aliens. But at least the scientists who made that, made an effort to make it understandable by aliens with no exposure to human language. Unless the Arch foundation did something similar with any recordings aboard the SpaceX rocket, then this is… Read more »

The data is stored digitally. Where would they even begin to even suspect that it is representation of a ‘script’? They may not even know that concept.

But they do admit that the data may be lost on aliens:

“There is a low but non-zero probability that the Arch Libraries may be useful to non-human intelligent lifeforms who visit our solar system in the future — including biological or non-biological (digital) lifeforms that may exist.


But despite our best efforts, it is still possible that at least some types of non-human life that may visit our solar system in a million years will just find the Arch Libraries to be dedelicious snacks, or they will find them to be quite uninteresting, or totally impossible to relate to or even to sense at all. Therefore we don’t consider non-human lifeforms to be our primary audience.”


Here’s what the Arch storage looks like.

* in my mind 🙂

uh … doesn’t this sign Earth’s death warrant? Say advanced aliens pickup the Tesla Roadster and decipher everything about us. If they sense an opportunity from the data and get out location, we could be toast a lot sooner than if we hadn’t advertised ourselves so much??

Remember Wolf 359!

OMG! Aliens might reverse engineer a 2008 Tesla Roadster and flood the market with cheap copies!


(This is, of course, complete nonsense. The true objective of aliens is to win Wimbledon!)

It’s useless without a flute…